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Ughh why must I run soooo much....

Hey guys. Got a few little issues maybe you could help me out with. Im a tenth grader in highschool I recently switched over this year from 1600 meter run (mile) and 800 meter run (half mile) to (sprints 400 meters and down.) Last week I ran my first 400 got about 56 seconds in some pretty bad condions (lane 7, 20 mph winds, rain, 40 degrees). I got 1st in my heat and 3rd in the jv race.

This week my coach decided to put me on 400 meter, 200 meter, 4x400 relay on varsity (its a varsity only meet). I have a few issues with this. I really have very little experince in these races not to mention none at in the 200. I am scared out of my mind running let alone running on varsity and last of all, all three races are about 20 minutes after each other so I dont know if Ill have enough time to recover. Ughhh, not a good feeling about tommorow. Any advice? Running form, etc. Thanks.
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Here's my feedback thread:
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You will be fine. People do it all the time, just have fun and give your best!
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There is very little on the physical side you can change. Your fitness is not going to change between now and the race start.

I would suggest you need to relax and find something else to distract you. Worrying about tomorrow will only distract you from getting enough sleep and make the race harder.

The less you can focus on the race tonight, the better you will do tomorrow. Watch TV, get the girlfriend to help relax you, clean your paintball gear, whatever it takes to keep your mind off tomorrow.

Try to keep it in perspective. We all want to do well, but how important is this race? Will you win prize money? Will you be offered a spot on the olympic team If this is your first race at a new distance, no one should be expecting you to carry your team. Go out, try your best, learn from the races and get better.
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careful, running kills.
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You'll be fine, just find something to preoccupy you so you don't get in your own head and psych yourself out. Listen to an ipod between heats, or something. I would recommend staying on your feet and keeping yourself warmed up and limber though. That will go a long way to help avoid injury.
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I'm in my 40's . I was a ref for TEN!! years . My avearge weakend Sat to Sun , I did around two marathons on my feet!!
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Ugh, I wished I was in any sort of shape to run. I'm young at 23, but I'm overweight and have the cardio of the fatty that got eaten at the beginning of Zombieland...

Really dude, I'm jealous of your situation. "Man, my coach thinks I'm awesome" is a whole bunch better than "When I jog a few meters I fell like I'm going to die."
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i used to run cross country in high school at your age. now i am 20 and can do only about 2 - 3 miles consecutively without wanting to die. lol it's been a while since i ran competitively like that.

I also ran the 400, the 200 and the 100 in high school track. Just listen to music and get excited. Don't worry about your endurance, you can do it. Just calm your mind.
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Sounds like your coach sees something that you might not. Im sure he is not expecting gold your first time out but exposing you to other options you could be a great fit in.
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