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Mixed drinks lead to drinks with umbrellas. Scotch neat or on the rocks, same for Tequlia.
America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, bada$$ speed. -Eleanor Roosevelt, 1936

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If you want to get attention in the bar order this:

6 Foot Redheaded Nazi Drink Recipe - Shooter
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Originally Posted by Jkoselka View Post
Scotch neat or on the rocks, same for Tequlia.
Straight tequila? You might as well eat a bowl of salt while you're at it. If the OP doesn't want to wake up feeling like a mummy, I'd suggest he stay away from too much straight tequila.
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Originally Posted by Scharfschutze91 View Post
Thank you, and I will. I've drank many times before just illegally but mainly at home and gotten drunk a few times but surprisingly no hangover yet
I didn't start getting hangovers until I started going to bars. One drink leads to another, and then you're mixing, and your buddies are trying to get you ****ed.

Oh, and you've gotta try a Dr. Jagerschlager.

1/3 Dr. McGilicuddys Menthol Schnapps

1/3 Jager

1/3 Goldschlager cinnamon Schnapps.

It ruins lives.
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Originally Posted by Gentle911 View Post
I would also request common sense, but that's the most endangered species of all.

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red bull and vodka, for the wide awake drunk.

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Ill vouch for the whiskey sour, but with crown instead!
"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking."
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when you go bar hopping ask for there birthday drink most of time is a zombie like drink. since will be really strong drink with many types of alcohol in it. try kamikaze screwdriver fuzzy navel or any other type mixed drink. i say go with purple hooter drink since taste like grape cool-aid.
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Originally Posted by Cnyberg View Post
Ill vouch for the whiskey sour, but with crown instead!
Whiskey Sour without the straw

But I will second a good scotch or rye on the rocks.

This is your chance to find out what works for you. For example, Irish Whiskey makes me maudlin all night. Bourbon makes me want to fight. Tequila makes me giddy and a bit of a slut. Jager makes me just plain crazy.
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Originally Posted by tiny View Post
Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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start with a shot of jack and a beer. then it goes to hell from there on birthdays
Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
I want to put a warning in here. If you, in any way, bad talk bacon or attempt to steer anyone away from bacon, or even hint about the ethics of bacon - I will perm ban you.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
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Beer is good, and stuff.

Funny story, I bought a 12 pack on my 21st birthday and didn't even get ID'ed. If i knee it would have been that easy I would have been doing it for years before that.
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