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Getting into warhammer 40k

Any tips from players here? Looking at tyranids mainly. Or people wanting to unload a starter army? All help appreciated. Thanks
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Space Marines stomp everything. That said, have a lot of fun and you can't read too much before you start spending money. I started out with Space Marines and now I have some Grey Knights and a Tau army.

Honestly, the best advice I can give you is to go and watch some games at your local game shop where you will inevitably be playing. Ask if someone has an army they would let you play with and get some table time in before dropping a pile of dough and an even bigger pile of hours on a bunch of new models.
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Space marines if you just want to steam roll with no needed skill.

imperial Guard is the way to go if you want to have to work for a win.
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Tyranids are for those that just want to have a little fun with the game. I'm a 'Nids guy, personally. My absolute favorite thing about them is they are mutable creatures. You can glue on wings or added claws or basically whatever your imagination can conceive and call the unholy abomination of a creature a "mutation." There are some guidelines to follow, of course, but they really do leave the door open for whatever. That is unless they changed the rules in some recent release. It's been a LONG time since I've played...

A thing to note, the 'Nids excel with numbers. They have balls for defense, but they make up for it with movement speed and swarming. Imagine the Zerg in Starcraft. They have a bit of a learning curve, especially when compared to the good-all-around Space Marines.

Chaos Space Marines are for those that never grew out of their "IMMA ANARCHIST" mentality from middle/high school.
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Originally Posted by foughtwolf View Post
imperial Guard is the way to go if you want to have to work for a win.
Don't know how it is now, but when I stopped playing if you brought an IG Leafblower list to a tournament your games basically went like this:

IG Player: You playing Full Seer Council on Jetbikes with Spears?
Opponent: No
IG Player: Cool. I win. Want to grab some food?

If you're interested in a Space Marine army, I'm selling a ton of stuff in the Yard Sale section. If you buy the lot, it's like 70% off (though a few things are pending), if you pick and choose, I'll still do 50% off retail. It's got the models for another tournament staple list too (or, at least, what was when I stopped playing) - Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Terminators in Land Raiders. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
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so far one buddy is getting into chaos space marines, one space wolves, im leaning towards tyranids. the other dont know.
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I used to play 'Nids several years ago, my best advice would be to try to be patient with your purchases or else you will never paint it all. It's VERY easy to get overloaded with models when playing Tyranids, and painting your 27th Hormagaunt in a row is excruciatingly painful.

Oh and whatever you do, try to enjoy yourself at all times. There will be games where the dice gods are against you, such as charging Tau Fire Warriors with a unit of Space Wolf Blood Claws with a Wolf Lord, failing to kill a single one, losing three of your own the next round and then failing the leadership test to cause your unit to run. True story...

Finally, just to contradict my first piece of advice I am looking at unloading that Tyranid army.
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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
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The game's a lot more balanced now that it used to be. MEQs are still a little OP against armies not dedicated to fighting them, but anybody who doesn't bring a lot of AP3 to a game where more players play MEQ and everybody but Guard and 'Nids generally has a decent amount of 3+ saves has it coming.

I play Tau and Guard, both very mobile armies. The Tau with a lot of Battlesuits and mounted Fire Warriors, also the 'Move 12" and **** your tanks with a Railgun' Hammerheads*, and Guard with a lot of Scout, Infiltrate and squads in Valkryie Gunships.

And, yes, craziness happens. I once used a team of Stealth Battlesuits to light up a Librarian that had been ****ing up my stuff. 18 shots all missed. So, I said '**** it', and charged them. Killed the Librarian, but the Skull Servitor had one attack at the same I as the Battlesuits. Rolled for that, caused one wound and killed a suit. Then failed my morale check, and my flee check. A Skull ran down my Battlesuit squad.

*Also, doing the double 'Pop out from behind a building to blow up your Land Raider Crusader' with your Hammerheads will cause table-flipping rage. Would have been literally if I hadn't held the table down.
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I used too play tyranids. Best advice I can give is to not spend too much points on special creatures like a carnifex or trying to take a bunch of upgrades for one unit. Take lots of synapse creatures and extra swarmy things instead. You will lose many of your swarms but by the time you get to them in assault, you should still have plenty to slice 'em to pieces. Numbers are your friend.
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Tyranids are the original Zerg rush. (Literally, since Starcraft was originally going to be a Warhammer 40K game)
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