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I've quit buying on eBay, as damn near everything you see is someone setting up an online business and using eBay as their personal storefront. And when you do find something that's not new, all the idiots swarm it and raise the price above new price. Likewise, I haven't sold anything on eBay in so long as it's just gotten too complicated and too expensive for someone like me just trying to get rid of extra stuff here and there.
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I'm not going to argue that Ebay hasn't made some really poor changes in policy (like the seller can't leave Neg feedback), but I think you guys are talking it up a bit. I still love Ebay!
There has been an increase in good deals since they released Ebay mobile. The average Joe can go to his closet and list his old autococker in 3 mins flat. You just snap a pic, type a 3 word description, and that's it!
Granted, there is some risk in buying Joe's listing with only a 3 word description, but it can be worth it. You just have to use common sense on it. For instance if the background of the picture is a somebody's room that hasn't been cleaned in 6 years, it is safe to assume he may not be responsible enough to ship the item.
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Yeah, I have to agree there too. Sure, I'd like eBay to reach less into my pocket, but fact is many times I can sell things there that I'd have a hard time getting rid of otherwise without practically giving it away. Never mind you can still find deals; I got a splash mag with a couple upgrades and HPA tank for $150 a couple weeks ago. I plan on keeping the splash parts and selling the rest off for most of what I spent on it (if not more).
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