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Let me preface my experience with 6 years in the Navy stationed out of Norfolk, VA. I have not been to the West Coast adventures but I can speak to much of the Eastern sites.

If you do not want to have to worry about passports and such. Puerto Rico has some amazing water and sites. The cost is not that bad either out and around town. Truly a American gem.

If you want a little more touristy, you can hit the American Virgin Islands which are just out from the P.R. Again some wonderful water to dive and swim in.

One of my favored spots of the Carribbean though was Barbados. August is the off season, and while it is still fabulous for temperature, there is not as many people and everything is still open. Highly recommended!!! I have been there twice and loved it each time.

When it comes to Mediterranean the Riviera is always nice. Palma De Mallorca of Spain is a fabulous island. Actually anywhere is Spain should be fabulous, clean and good food.

Villafranche, France is a nice town just outside of Nice, France. A quaint town with plenty of activities and a wonderful view (you may recognize it from the Steve Martin movie "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" It was the town they were in )

Greece has some nice beaches as well in islands such as Corfu. But you tend to have to watch out for folks taking advantage of tourists and things like that in Greece....well worth the visit...but not for a honeymoon.

I hope that helps. Congrats and remember that more importantly than diving or need a bed
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Alberta....the Banff - Jasper area is very nice for hiking, camping can do queading, glacier hiking, heli-tours, casino (if you are interested in that) paintball is around here too. Rent an RV for a week and just drive and camp...nice!
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best bang for $2g flights,hotels and lotsa,cheap u can take off for a week on $1500 budget w/flight/hotel package...and thatz from westcoast canada,probably wayyyyy cheaper down there by u at lax.....congrats...
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Weve done mexico, want something new, with clearer water and better food

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Originally Posted by THE-SHOOTIST View Post
Congrats! You any your wife will share anniversaries with me and mine.
We didn't plan anything. We just put a down on our home, and sprung for the wedding ourselves so we were broke. We decided to go to Point Sebago Resort in South Casco Maine and go fishing for a week. It was easy to get to, I had grown up in the area, and it was easy to pay for. We had a blast, my wife caught a trophy smallmouth. Keep it simple and inexpensive, you won't regret it.
I work there. When were you there? Apparently it has changed a lot in over the years, but so far it hasn't changed much since 2009 when I started working there.
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I'm taking the missus up to Acadia (Maine) again this August. Definitely a worthwhile trip.

Where in Mexico did you go? At Tulum, I've never seen clearer water.
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I'm in the Bahamas on my honeymoon as we speak and I friggin love it. We'rev headed to Atlantis tomorrow, should be the balls
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Originally Posted by philosophia View Post
I work there. When were you there? Apparently it has changed a lot in over the years, but so far it hasn't changed much since 2009 when I started working there.
I've been going there since '94. I originally found the place lookin' for a place for a bachelor party for a friend. We decided to go fishing for a weekend rather than the usual "adult entertainment" sort of place. They used to offer in May and October a "Fishing Weekend" where you got an RV and a boat from Friday to Sunday for $200.00. We kept doing this twice a year as "Men's Fishing Weekend". After I got married, we'd vacation there nearly every year. We might skip a year as 2 of my children are July births, and they don't travel well as infants. Last time I was there was 2010. I decided not to go there this year as a lakefront Park Model is over $2,000.00 for a week, and the unrestricted (and usually under the influence)use of golf carts makes it too dangerous for my kids. Too bad, I really liked it there, but I'm not going to pay that much to have the Nazis tell me to take down my clothes line that I use to dry beach towels (Hoi Poiioi anyone? It's a CAMPGROUND!) while they ignore the drunken use of golf carts. I'm going a little more north and paying barely a third for more quiet, less drunkeness.
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Go to GUAM. Hot all yr round. You can Island hop and Japan is just a 3 hr fight. Lots of hiking. Lots of beach. Good food. Island is modern on one side and old ways on the other.

Snorkel or dive. Nice under water view. Fasted speed limit is 40 MPH and that near Polaris Point.

Just a thought.

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