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Diablo Skul (help?)

Well, I have a Skul

No other lenses though...

I know I can get basic clear ones here and there, but I need something more.
Anyone have a line on any? Amber, yellow, mirror, smoke, etc? Even personal stash....used?


Anyone know of a lens that isn't for the Skul, but can fit fine? ESPECIALLY a thermal. I'm a sweaty guy sometimes, and my single lenses are killing me.


I know a buddy of mine had some old mask. No idea what it was. He took a spare lens for another mask with similar curvature and dremmeled it down to fit his oldy perfectly. Just made his own lenses.
Anyone have any ideas on a lens I could do that with? I have little experience with other masks or lens sizes.

I'm sure I should retire it, but I love it so much. I need to keep trying.

Thanks for any ideas, or help

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...? I google this and all I get is Diablo III stuff
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Originally Posted by tiny View Post
Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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Yeah, I know...
Went by three names over the years that I know of:

Diablo Skul (1 "L"...not 2)
Sheridan Prowler
Game Face Skull (2 "L" this time)

Diablo 1,2,3 have all made life difficult for finding parts or anything over the years.

Seems those who know them love them, and those who don't love them don't know them

But of course that's my opinion
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Pic of it might help

** i maintain 3rd shift hours so if i dont respond right away during the day - ya know why

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Diablo Skul Mask | Paintball Review |
can't believe more people aren't familiar with em around here but...
I b da fat one

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my avatar is a pic of one. clear game face skul dyed purple with rit
i bought 6 clear lenses about 3 years ago on I&I but when i stopped wearing contacts i sold the mask.. now i just want it back.. but i too have looked for lenses and found nothing. best thing to do is by multiple masks for the lenses.. There is someone here that had offered me two brand new masks with new lenses for a decent price late last year..
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I have a Game Face Skul. Nice enough, but not my cup of tea.
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