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Originally Posted by mtaylor View Post
I feel different. I went to public school, had amazing teachers, reasonable class sizes, and a good learning experience.
Care to elaborate on the Canadian School system in general?
Or to be more specific, what were your class sizes like, how old were the books/teaching materials, do you have standardized testing like we do here in the states? I would be interested to know how our neighbors educate.
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My classes averaged about 35 people, some books were as old as 20 years (Physics), while some were brand new. We (At least in Alberta) have standardized tests at the grade 9 and 12 levels. I was in a high school with about 1500 people, in a 50 year old building, that while I was there was being renovated. (Coincidentally, I worked for the construction company in my old high school the summer after I graduated.) My brother went to a different school, he had similar experience. The most standard tests I did, and in my mind the most pointless, was in grade 10 when I was in the AP program. I'm pretty sure it was the same test the kids down south were writing at the same time.

I have to add, some of the most awkward kids I have met, went to private schools. They are good at school, but that doesn't help them in the real world.
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Somethang straight-up wrong.. well, went wrong. Us thugs will now sack dem involved.
How to get around UPS fees

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Originally Posted by CrazyBoy78 View Post
Portables aren't such a big deal. My high school had 35 portables.
This is true when they aren't stuffed to twice their legal capacity. I had an advanced class once where twelve of us were in a portable, it was quite nice. Then I had classes with more than four times that many students and it was awful.
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