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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
anomoly, what sort of mazda bits are you using to add 80hp to a festiva?

I had a festiva a loooong time ago - it was a great little car. it was an '88 so it still had just a 4spd stick. I went from it to a '66 Fury complete with a big block. talk about a night and day difference in vehicles

fwiw, some of the yota 1.8l parts swap down to the 1.5. The throttle bodies swap and are bigger bored

heh, speaking of mazda engined blue ovals . . . my '03 Focus is one of the early PZEV ones - so it has the 2.3l mazda based duratec. basically the same engine as in mazda3's, but without the variable cam timing. Mine has ~125k on it and is ticking along just fine - a buddy of mine just turned 300k in his pzev focus
I got a B6T sitting in a Festiva. Probably going to pull it and stuff a BP from a Protege as its
NA and easier to find parts for. A few mods will bump it up to 140-150hp. Im using the G series transmission from the Capri because the Festiva one is made of glass.
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You should be doing better than high 30's in that thing. Heck, I got 32 MPG in my wifes old 99 Solara with the V6 in it on a road trip. Her dad has a Corolla and he gets 38 mpg...and that is with the 3 speed auto.
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