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Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
Glad you like it... that's the last one I do with Micarta grips until I get some special tooling.
That has some nice texture to it. What are you going to next?
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There actually is no texture. It's sanded smooth. It actually feels like an agate. The only "texture" it has is from the visible canvas where it was material is removed, so it's more of a visual vs felt texture.

Next one is the project for my friend. I really need to get that done.

I'll probably do a few more of these, just with a variety of wood handles rather than the Micarta.

There are some other patterns that I plan on trying also... Some neat drop point and skinning blades that I might make a matched axe with. Those would probably use the same 3/16" nickle silver pins but also have some decorative copper pins too.

Once I free up some time I will play some more.

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And this one is already pending Thank you!

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And this is how AWESOME Amboyna Burl looks!

Name:  PICT2315_resize.jpg
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Carry on... nothing more to see here.

For now

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Eric, never saw if you answered my earlier question about Damascus. I've been wanting a small fixed blade done in damascus for awhile.
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Chopper... sent you a pm. It's all schedule dependent (ie free time that revolves around house/farm/work projects) At some point I will take orders on a somewhat regular basis, but for now I'm going to just make what I can when I have time and hope that people like what I make enough to buy it.

Some things that I have plans to make... If you copy these, may Odin lay the smack down on you.

Mini-Gun stock... walnut scales with ebony "forearm end cap".... basically two piece wood scale.... rather than a bolster there will be a piece of ebony (wood), then a white spacer, then the remainder of the handle will be walnut.

Ying and Yang..... Two piece Ebony and some light colored wood scales.. angle where they join. probably use fat pins again. Maybe have spacers between the scale and blade.

"Hell" - bloodwood and ebony handle. again joined with an angle cut... may use a similar blade to the Green Micarta handle, but in 1095 Carbon Steel that has been coated black. Depending, the sheath could be kydex or if I'm feeling up to it, a red or black stained leather sheath.

"Hell Spawn" - Same but smaller blade

As I've posted before... all these blades are pre-made. I don't have the skill, time or equipment at the moment to make blades. It's easier to buy high quality blades and add handles and other touches for now. That and you all get a nicely made knife at a fraction of what a completely hand made knife runs. Just to put things in perspective... Randall Knives (in Florida) has been making knives for three generations.. other than their throwing knife, most of their knives start around $350 and are completely hand made. And they are AWESOME!!!!! If you can afford one.. get one! Seriously.. I'd rather push you to buy one of theirs than wait around for me to maybe make you something you might like.

I will try to keep my knives around the $100 mark, with options (like file work, multiple woods, odd cuts, stains, leather colors etc) pushing it upward... but I don't think it would be fair to anyone (buyers and real knife smiths) to go much higher than that. Especially when I have a High Bar like Randall out there and their knives are very affordable considering what you get!!!!

If you can afford one their knives.... get it!
Randall Made Knives

Would I like to be up to par with them.. absolutely!!!! Will I ever be... not anytime soon!

That being said... I have seen some "Custom" knives out there that are sold for over $200 that I know are using a blade that was manufactured by someone else that they are putting a handle on and calling custom... without identifying that the blade isn't theirs. I won't do that. If you want to know who makes my blades.... look at Jantz Supply. Everything I buy (except for wood and the Scandinavian blade I used) comes from them... from rods to cut into pins, to spacer material (nylon and metal) to guards. If they have it I can use it (except for the jemstone handle material... I won't be using that for a while). Their blades are either made in the US (when I say US made, Jantz makes them in Oklahoma) or in Japan. The steel in the knives made in Japan seems top notch. The knife I'm making for my good friend has a Japanese steel blade... and it's nice. Jantz also has some "Scandinavian" blades made by Helle in Norway... also very nice blades.

I won't buy from companies that don't tell you where their blades are made. Jantz (if they don't list it) will let you know with a quick email or phone call where the blade was made.

Also... I won't and can't (legally) copy someone else knives. A lot of patterns are pretty much trademarked, even if it's not stated anywhere you can pretty much assume that if someone is selling a custom handmade blade, that it can be considered prior art and I won't steal someone else's work.... even if it is a knife made in China, I won't do it. If you find a high quality, well known brand knife that you like and it's cheaper than mine... get it.

So just keep this stuff in mind.

I'm just throwing this all out there so people know where I'm coming from. For me it's a hobby... I'm trying to make nice knives that I like... that I would want other people to like, and that will last a long time so that they can pass them on to kids. I'm also not in a production mode. Between two kids, work, moving, working on the house (kitchen, in-law apartment, stable, fencing, planting, animals, harvest)... see where I'm going

Take care and I will post pictures of stuff as I finish it... maybe you will see something you want to buy.

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Hey E,

I am a massive fan of the mora knives. I have owned MANY more expensive custom knives, by some well known finnish puukko makers. For some reason I always gravitate to a mora 510 or mora #2. weird, eh?

Maybe it was answered in this thread, so I apologize for asking again, but what steel are you using? Do you heat treat it? If not who does?

Could you make me a knife similar to a mora #2 but with micarta handles?

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I buy manufactured blades that are already shaped, ground, heat treated and sharpened. I don't have the skill, equipment or time to make my own blades yet.

Also.. as said in my last post... even if I had the means to make blades, I would not copy manufactured blades.

If you are interested I can direct you to where you can buy similar blades if you would be willing to make your own knife (If you weren't willing to wait for me)

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Love the look of the burl.

Hey Schmitti...I am finally getting my shop setup. You got any recommendations as far as the exotic woods go for places to order from?
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Schmitti, I will be sending a few people your way.


Brass Monkey Customs

Brass Freak, Freak XL compatible and Equation inserts in .670, .678, and .685

Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock available!

My feedback: MCB - eBay - AO

Follow Brass Monkey Customs on Instagram and Facebook (work in progress)
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