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haven't seen him in a while but I've played and talked with him in the past and I think hes a pretty decent guy. I don't think he's scamming you, probably just having trouble with getting parts or not having enough time to get it done.
he was still gathering some info and gathering parts a few days ago.
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From an outsider's view, I think you're okay. He's probably waiting on parts, and if you've sent him a slew of frantic private messages you might have him a little freaked out, too. He's probably a little afraid to respond, without having any substantial progress to show you (I've been there before).

Also keep in mind he's still a young guy - he's probably trying his best but, again, the parts issue...
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He sold it to me for a steal of a deal a few days ago. I'll sell it back to you what I bought it for plus 60% - fairs fair!

J/K - FW is a great guy - give him a bit more time!!
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Month really isnt that bad.

If any BKO parts are needed, I have a couple BKO parts markers.

Let me know if you need something.

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I'm with the rest of the guys here, just relax and give him time to respond back to you.

I think there might be some other issues going on for him that might be keeping him from being on here frequently. He has mentioned this before but possibly only in the members area. So I'll let him discuss that with you if it is necessary.
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I have had a couple of transactions with him and I have yet to ever have a problem, good guy, you have nothing to worry about
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thanks everyone for the replys all i wanted was a bit of an update from him yeh i understand it takes time but i never thought it would be a month
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i find it hard to believe he is scamming you dude......ive been waiting patiently for over a year now on a "custom" job from another board member and i know hes a good guy and will finish it when he finishes it .... as for FW-ive had dealings with him and hes been a good dude - just give him more time ....

** i maintain 3rd shift hours so if i dont respond right away during the day - ya know why

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I have a brand new (old stock) gasket and screw set for a BKO if he still needs one.
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Hey man, I wanted to get in and tell you, I am EXTREMELY sorry for the wait. I ended up in the middle of a financial battle thats had me all over Missouri in the past month, in courts about every other day and rarely with enough time to get around here, to be frank i got online on Xbox a few times to blow off steam, I should have come here and I know this, but my situation has been extremely stressful. Some of the members here know about the issues that brought this around as they started a year or so ago at this point and just so happened to come to a head at the worst possible time. I seem to have terrible luck with things like this happening when I try and be a good Samaritan. This thread came to my view today by a PM in my inbox from another member(I was about to PM you this very message.) and I will be getting it out to you this week. I have done all I can to it with the funds I have had left, and will be included, due to the wait and the fact that I cannot currently ensure that it is 100 percent functional, a new feedneck, grips, barrel and regulator to replace the ruined stock one.

PS: everyone, I think I managed to track down the last parts it needed finally. Im shocked how much BKO parts dried up actually. Only thing left it might need is a new LPR spring as the one it used to have was well, gone. I replaced it with the one from the junked regulator as I think I recall them being the same strength.
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