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Yea, those guys (patriot gaurd riders) are a real godsend. At the chuch where I attend, we had a funeral for Rick Herrema after he was killed in Iraq and sure enough, the Phelps were there. Though so were the freedom riders. It was a really awe-inspiring sight. There were over 150 bikers that lined our churches side of the street carring american flags and drowning out the protesters with their bikes and hymns. I don't think would could ever thank them enough.

Anyways, funny video idea. I do think I saw "that look" in Phelps eyes too.
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Funny thing was that the old guy (phelps I guess) wasnt really saying or doing anything. He was just laughing and going along with it. It was the irritating women who made a big thing of it. I'm pretty sure that was the only Phelps related movie that didnt make me sick.
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Now if the patriot riders could recruit a few outlaw bikers to take a new form of religion to Phelps, that would make a good video.
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Most people are reasonable ... it's the very few crackpots that get all the attention. A lot of times it's just one crank in his basement with a typewriter. This "church" is just one little inbreed family by the way.

The thing is, I know quite a few ultra religious people who genuinely believe that America is really a theocracy, homosexuality is wrong, and homosexuals are going to hell ... and it all says so in the sacred texts. How do you fight deep rooted beliefs that are backed up by an omnipotent deity?
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Yes I have heard of the SOB I wish someone would run over his ***! I'm from Kansas, And he Is an embarassment to all Kansans as far as im concerned
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Jaan you dont fight it. Believes are like the wind they come they go. Some get it, some dont. You cant stop the wind no matter what you do.
And as always ignnorance is bliss
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