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Any bow experts here?

I was digging around my attack today and I found a compound bow. I don't know much about bows but here's the specs.

Browning Bridger BRFIA L Compound Bow
65% Let Off
String Length: 35
Preset: 50
Adjustable Range: 45-70
It's left handed too

Does anyone know anything about this bow? How much is it worth? Thanks.
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Looks like an old compound bow made by browning.

You're looking at maybe $50-75 on craigslist/ebay.
Browning Bridger II BR4A Right Handed Compound Bow with Arrows | eBay

Judging by the era, you might need to swap out the bowstring or give it a good wax.
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Thanks for the info. The strings seem fine to me but then again I'm not a a bow expert.
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I'm pretty good with a bow staff.
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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
Compound bows are like electro-pneumatic paintball markers in that they depreciate in value very quickly.

Longbows and recurves retain their value much better.
For sure. A lot of that comes from the computer aided design that matches the pulley shape to the material and layout of the "bow" itself. I have my brother's old PSE bow with circular cams. We decided it probably wasn't worth shipping across country to my nephew since the design has been superseded several times now. It still works of course, but if your looking to upgrade I doubt that changing the cams and string would be practical.

A family friend has some nice longbows and recurves that are still worth good money. We talked to a bow maker in Fredericksburg that said each of his bows made from Bodark included the cost of two band saw blades, because that's what it took to make them. That doesn't change much.
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Yeah, I wouldn't pay much for that... It looks antique by bow standards. Browning makes nice guns, but theres much better bow manufacturers than them. Don't get me wrong, it'll be decentPSE was king for a long time and still make nice stuff. For new stuff, Mathews has been incredible the last few years. I'm sure it will function fine, but as someone else said, check the strings and replace / wax them before you use it. Check them closely for fraying.
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