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... Not having Mayo
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Anti-Americans who live in America.
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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You know what grinds my gears AND burns my ***? My ex.

She lied to me about being able to drive stick and ruined my transmission after she borrowed my car. She also like playing with candles.
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You know what grinds my gears?

when ****ers don't turn their brights off!
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Ran out of characters.
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Originally Posted by Bigtuana View Post
You know what grinds my gears?

when ****ers don't turn their brights off!
In the same theme, people that put HID lights in halogen reflectors.
Originally Posted by Painthappy
Somethang straight-up wrong.. well, went wrong. Us thugs will now sack dem involved.
How to get around UPS fees
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Wanna know what craps in my cereal?
Jeez the list is so long
Ugg boots. They are high top bedroom slipper take that crap off
That weird chick Mohawk thing where they pull their bangs straight back
You look like trash when you do that

When my partner asks me what I'm thinking about...
Paintball and sex got any other stupid questions

Two hot people in a relationship together
You cannot monopolies hotness
you gotta redistribute the wealth

The badass point glitch still isn't fixed....

No one knows how to make a cuban coffee not even Starbucks
If you want to talk email me.
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What makes my gears grind? Boys in skinny jeans. I mean, give the male race a break. the next step on the hipster staircase is a miniskirt, followed by a full-on prom gown. It's very difficult for me to believe that you leave the house feeling "pretty" in pants too small for my pre-teen sister to wear. And before you whine: no, you aren't any more male because they happen to be black or you've chosen to hold them "up" (and by "up," I mean at approximately the equator of the butt cheek) using a belt that has metal studs. You look ridiculous. On a more personal note, both Bright Eyes and The Raconteurs produce terrible sounds that can only by the loosest definitons of the word be considered music.
About what is all the shooting?
Need dm4/5/C parts? PM me.
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that escalated quickly
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What grinds my gears?.....

Fair Weather Fans (WARNING: Rant to follow)

I hate them with a passion. People who love a team when they are winning & hate them when they are losing. You can find people who do this in other aspects of life besides just sports too. These are the same people who jump on the bankwagon of a winning team that they never previously would have gave 2 rat's sh*t about or is even in their geographic region of the United States.

I think some of these people think that the sports team which they root for is a direct representation of themselves. Moreover, maybe they think that if their team is a loser-then they are a loser as well. So they compensate by always picking a winner & shunning a loser.

For example: With a winner, you might see this when people say, "We won." or "We kicked ***!" (really? I didn't see you out there on the field with the team ). With a loser, you'll hear, "They lost." or "They suck."

What does that say about their personality & how much they suck at life in general, if they have to always be a winner? Being a loser or associated with a loser(especially if it is just as a fan) is not the worst thing in the world. It builds character for later in life. Most of these people could use some of that.

Another example: My favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs, are having a awful season right now and have not won a playoff game in 19 years. But like a marriage, I stick with them through good times & bad, and I will continue to be an avid fan & keep watching their games no matter what.

In most professional sports there are over 30 teams in a league, with only one champion every year. So here is a couple facts of life: You win some & you lose some. We all can't be winners & it is just a game!

So if you are one of these people I hope this may give you a different aspect to think about...... And that's what really grinds my gears.

Woo-hoo! Three years & my first real rant!
"If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting." [General Curtis Lemay]

"Life is like a monkey. Sometimes it throws sh*t at you when you least expect it. All you can really do is, be on the look for it and hope it has bad aim."

MCB Feedback

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I no particular order:

the NHLPA and the NHL owners. You guys are killing my interest in hockey

Elraido in this thread where he makes fun of Canada's Military. He can explain his premise to the families of the Canadian Soldiers who have fallen in Afghanistan.

Teens who wear they pants around their crotch. I shouldn't be able to see your underwear. Underwear goes inside your pants that's why it is called under-****ing-wear. (to quote Dennis Leary)

Parents who let their kids run wide in public. Grow up (I am talking to the parents)

Drivers on the road that are clueless to everyone around them. They are only alive because they haven't run into anyone as clueless as they are.

Sellers who won't ship to Canada.
Custom Cockers
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Brass and Wood Fan
Sellers who won't ship to Canada

Having an item be described as perfectly working and then it comes to me as anything but working

People who won't deal with their bratty children. and yes I have my own child

As for the NHL and NHLPA they ground my gears for all of a week then I realized HEY we have great Junior B and OHL hockey right in my backyard in St Catharines and they play hard and skate their balls off to make it to the top. SCREW THE NHL!

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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