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My answer to that problem was a mannequin arm. I drew my design on it and took it to the tattoo shop. After I assured my tattoo artist that he had artistic license it became our project. It was good to have my own art work rendered by another artist. It made the experience even more personal.

Heres a couple of pictures. I kept the "arm" because I'm not finished yet. I have some more space to fill up, lol.

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At the shop I worked at, we would use things like this: Color Laser Printer Temporary Tattoo Paper

There are several brands available and I've seen it being sold at arts and craft stores

WAY more design capabilities than henna and henna takes FOREVER to do right
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Please think long and hard about getting the perfect tattoo. Then think on it some more.

DO NOT pull a 'Scarlett Johansson' and wind up with the worst tattoos on Earth:

Scarlett Johansson adds to her tattoo collection with a new horseshoe inking while in Paris | Mail Online
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Most ratio shops have stencils. Think temporary tattoo. Makes it easier to do things even. Talk to the artist you want to use. They can help.
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Check this out: - Low Quantity Custom Temporary Tattoos
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The method mentioned earlier using carbon paper is the method my brother used for a long time. (He tattoos for a living) art/carbon transfer sheet/tracing paper. Draw over your outlines, wet the area with dettol (never used deoderant before but if it works...), and carefully press the tracing paper onto the area desired. It was pretty fun to be able to give myself temporary tattoos when I was younger!

*edit* wow Brewtt, you weren't kidding!

*edit 2* oops, I got that wrong. The tracing paper is for a exact mirror for matching tattoos. The original artwork over the carbon sheet will pick up the transfer which can then be applied as mentioned above.
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