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Car audio help.

Looking for a bit of help with some car audio stuff.

I currently understand the basics but was looking for a bit of help with a few specific numbers.

I currently have a set of polk 5 1/4's in the front and looking to put a set of 6.5's in the back. Was looking to run a small amp to power the four speakers.

Question one is, is it really needed? And question two is, the amp that i'm looking at is 50watt at 4 ohms, the fronts that i have are 45watt 4 ohm and the rears will be 100 watt 4 ohm. Will going 5 watts over the rated constant power for the speakers ruin them, and will running at half the watts of the rear speakers not get the right amout of push from them?

Amp is a Rockford Fosgate R300-4 300 Watt RMS 4 Channel

I'm new to the whole car audio thing and was just getting past the basics.

And i guess while i'm here, for a sub what would be the most effective size/box combo for listening to mostly rock music, no heavy bass or hiphop or anything like that. I had planned on doing a unported box with one 12' but not sure if thats the best combo.

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It's not really needed. I just used my head unit to power those for my Mid/High's. I used an EQ with an Amp for my subs to control the bass levels and to have an on/off button for them. A sealed box will suffice for your Rock levels but I prefer a bandpass. Depends on how much room you have for a single/dual box.
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Question1: That's up to you. If your listening habits require the extra power then yes, you should have an amp to keep from blowing out your speakers(?!).

Question2: What you have is perfectly fine. Connecting a 100W amp to a 50W speaker does not mean you are going to instantly cook your speakers. You do have the danger of being able to run the speakers louder than they are capable of and breaking them. But that is avoidable by setting the gain properly and/or not playing your stereo at a volume that distorts the speaker.

On the other hand, connecting a 50W amp to a 100W speaker can be more risky. Running the amp at overcapacity will cause 'clipping'(the sound waveforms become square instead of sinusoidal), running a clipped signal through a speaker can cause it to overheat and burnout. This is more risky because an overdriven amp does not sound as bad as an overdriven speaker. An overdriven amp sounds a muddy and flat in the bass and harsh on the treble, an overdriven speaker sounds horrible, popping, clapping, distorted. There is no way you would listen to an overdriven speaker for an extended amount of time, however it's easy to do it when the amp is overdriven. But 50W RMS per channel is pretty loud, I don't think you are going to be listening at the max for extended amounts of time, unless you don't care about your ears.

As for the worries of not having enough power to run your rear speakers, you need to look at the sensitivity rating, not the power rating. I'm going to guess they are pretty close to what you have in the fronts, so you should be fine.
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