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yeah mortgage companies suck,we had the same problem when we bought 9 yrs ago.seems like most of them are part time workers at best,we never got any kind of reply or contact with them the whole time,really frustrated my real estate agent(my best friend for 20+yrs)things worked out in the end and i doudt ill be able to move or buy another home
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Honestly, the mortgage company saved me. The house I bought was a forclosure and the bank for the selling agency dragged their feet every time anything needed to be done. My bank paid a girl overtime to work on a holiday weekend so we could close the next friday. I have nothing but good things to say about my broker.
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We bought our first house about a year and a half ago. Second house we saw we liked. Put an offer in, which we thought was low but got accepted. That took 2 days. We were pre approved for 450,000.00 but only spent 260,000.00 (bank repo house). Went to the lawyers had everything all done in a week! that was from first offer to signing my life away. Moved in 2 months later. (we still had a lease in our old house to finish first) or we could have moved in 2 weeks after. It was a little fixer upper, but we love it.

Real estate agent my bosses dad.
Mortgage company my bosses sister inlaw.
Lawyer my bosses uncle.
I like to keep it in the family! :P
They did an excellent job! And fast. I was always told when buying a house us the resources around you. Ask the real estate agent who he would suggest to use for a mortgage company and lawyer. Things usually get done better and faster that way not to mention cheaper some times.
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I bought and sold houses for a decade... Been to at least 12 closings, and had that many mortgages. The more you do it, the easier it is. But, it is always a pain.

Just remember, whatever they say they will do, they won't unless you bug them.


Once you find a good bank, and a good person to work with, keep using that same person. That will save you a lot of headaches. Oh, and get a copy of the appraisal... Get an inspection, and check for radon gas.
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Well, my fiance and I had a quick, smooth purchase of our first house. I went and got pre approved on my own, knowing with her we could easily get a larger mortgage then that. We then looked at houses for a while, we were pretty picky. When we found the one we liked, we put an offer in and negotiated on the price a little bit. Once we our offer was accepted, we closed on the house and moved in in 30 days. Our bank was great, along with our realtor and we couldn't have been happier...

Good Luck!
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Originally Posted by FreeEnterprise View Post

Once you find a good bank, and a good person to work with, keep using that same person. That will save you a lot of headaches. Oh, and get a copy of the appraisal... Get an inspection, and check for radon gas.
Thanks for the advice! All the inspections were completed today and everything checked out ok thankfully. Only weird part was the sellers where home during the inspection.

Even the Lender called me today and we setup a new date to "sign my life away." So it's looking good so far...but boy was I flustered this morning to say the least.
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It took me 9 days from offer to closing. I used a funding corp. That my realtor works closely with. The process was simple md easy from the seller and buyers ends. Good luck.
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mine where great, its the one thing that seems to work here (had the finance done and approved in afternoon) they seem only to happy to get you into dept
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Some interesting things that happened when I bought my house (first and only) a bit over a year ago.

I had to pay to have a new well cap installed on a well on a house I didn't own...
I had to sign a legal affidavit that stated I didn't live in about 9 different towns, or had any illegitimate children, or ever did any deals under an assortment of Social Security numbers (these all related to my name being very common)...
I had full approval from my Credit Union, and the mortgage underwriter, heck they had a check all made out to the buyer... who stalled on the closing 3 times because they weren't fully sure that they believed I was me 100% (again, common name). Seriously, shut up and take my money!

Interesting side effect, you don't get a "flag" on your credit rating, they erect a fricken lighthouse. I got a dozen calls from collection agencies in the off chance I might be that guy they lost track of who owes someone money.

Certain things make the whole process easier. I suggest going through a Credit Union. My realtor and mortgage guy were in neighboring offices, really sped up the paperwork.

Have the 20% down payment ready to go if able. I didn't, and had to jump through some hoops. My parents did on their last house purchase and it took half as long.

If possible buy from a person, not a bank owned foreclosure. Yeah the foreclosures are cheaper, but if you run into an issue, such as not being able to qualify for that nice government backed no down payment rural development loan due to the house not having a utility room door or enough smoke detectors (happened to me) there's no one to fix the issue. A person will generally be able to fix that stuff for you, a bank will happily sit on the property until some other less picky buyer shows up.
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My first was fairly quick and easy, only stress was suddenly realsing how much I owe (and the mother in law a couple years down the road from purchase).
Sometime in the next year or two should be looking to buy a house where I am now, that is going to be stressfull, a huge mortgage even with a target 50% deposit.
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