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Originally Posted by Scharfschutze91 View Post
I completely understand. I just never wear shorts when I go out, even in the summer. And I don't really go out until night time, because i am working in a law office all day during the day. So it is much cooler at night. And I have a few buddies who ccw a full sized 1911 all year. it doesn't bother them much. And nothing else catches my eye to carry and I am familiar with the 1911 style autos and prefer to stay with that.

And I am fairly skinny, athletic build, 6 foot tall, 190LBs.
That's a perfect opportunity to borrow it and carry it for a day and see what you think. There are many great options for carrying out there and a full size 1911 is a very large gun. Not trying to turn you away from it, I carry a 1911 for many years just saying you should try it out if you have the opportunity. I also recommend the xds by Springfield. That's my other carry

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I'd spring for the cerakote just out of the fact it will protect your investment better then parkerizing. I carry Detonics Combat Masters [1911 derivative] one in Stainless and one Blued. The Stainless is not "corroded" but is stained and worn from holster and sweat and the Blued one the finish has seen a lot better days. I intend on getting the Blued one cerakoted. Save yourself some headache and get your RIA cerakoted

By the way Gainman he is not talking about carrying a full sized 1911 but instead a RIA Compact

RIA Compact

This is very similar to size of my Detonics and I have no particular problem carrying them and I'm about the same size as he is. I've put my Detonics next to friends Glock 26 and XD and there really is not that much difference in size.

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Thank you for the input, both of you. And that's why I am thinking of just going ahead with the parkerizing. My idea is why do later what I can do now, you know? I am glad to be getting everyone's input on this. An yeah, it would be the compact 1911. I wouldn't be able to personally carry the full sized one. But the reason for the compact is because I am very familiar with the 1911 platform and I am a very good shot with one and manage te recoil no problem. It's just the platform I trust the most.
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I would not go Parker, as its less tolerant to humidity, aka it rusts easier, if my memory serves me right.

Now if your dead set on an 1911, take a look at a few used ones, locally up here I can find all stainless sw and kimber for around 400. Might need some cleaning and a new spring but the price savings offset it.

Just my opinion too.
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Do both.
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I would not worry too much about the finish options.

A) You are not starting with a gun with incredibly high resale in the first place
B) Carry guns get beat to death. I have worn the tennifer finish (or whatever it is) on Glocks. Even my stainless revolver is starting to show some signs of carry. There is nothing you can do to prevent it showing signs of wear - you just are not going to.

Because any carry gun you are going to carry is going to show signs of that it is going to lose value. You are not starting with a gun with remarkably high value to start with or one with great resale value. Buy it, carry it, and accept the loss of value. Better yet buy one that someone else carried for a year or so and already took that hit in value and don't worry about it. When you feel it is "too worn" to carry (I don't think that ever actually happens) replace it. Trying to prevent that wear is throwing money away.
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If you're worried about the finish on the gun, carry another one. My carry gun has lots of holster wear and the grips have nicks and dings in them from seat belts, door frames, etc. A carry gun should work great, not look great.
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I have a full size RIA 1911 that I CC. It's the nickel finish. I love the look, feel, and history of the gun. I HATE carrying it. It is HEAVY! It jams upwards when I sit in the car, makes my wallet stick out, and is always noticeable to me. I have a gun belt, and it still seems to sag my pants down or just feel awkward. I am thinking of getting a lighter gun because "If it's uncomfortable, you won't carry. If you don't carry you won't be ready."

Either way, that cerakoting sounds pretty good.
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Thank you for the valuable input guys. Given law schools and stuff, I might just be moving out of state in the fall of next yera (2013), so I might not CCW after all, because I doubt my permit can carry on to another state. So I might just hold off on the carry gun for a while. But I plan on doing some cerakoting to my full sized springer =D
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Check your states RECIPROCITY with others. It may even be in your favor to get a CCWP in the state you're currently in. For example an Arkansas permit is recognized by 31 states while a New Hampshire permit is recognized by 22. So I (AR permit) can carry in more states than my friend (NH permit). BUT even though another state will recognize your permit, DOES NOT mean the laws of your issuing state are the same. Each state has their own rules on how and where to carry. It becomes your responsibility to know the state laws. Hope this helped!
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