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Ebay lighting

I sell about two things a month on ebay. I usually use a sheet and my iphone camera. Some sellers have amazing photos with white back drops. Are they using portable photo studios like the one here: Square Perfect SP500 Platinum Photo Studio In A Box with 2 Light Tents and 8 Backgrounds For Product Photography: Camera & Photo
Is this a good investment while only using an average camera? thanks for your two cents in advance.
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Brass and Wood Fan
My friend built one out of a cardboard box and white paper. His pictures got way better once he bought a good camera though.
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Brass and Wood Fan
Lighting helps. Often, with that kind of setup, the lights are clear and bright, which can't be said of many house lights, and the "tent" not only gives a smooth backdrop, but also diffuses the light a bit, making it less harsh, and illuminates everything.
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Even though a light box is nice, I don't think is a must. You can get about the same effect with a camera and an external flash. Using the celling to bounce the light, it act like a huge diffuser. I aim my flash up and back a bit to get th light just like bellow. Then I do multiple shots with different setting on my flash output. Look in my sig for exaples.
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Afternoon sunlight does wonders if you have that ability.
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Light boxes and DSLRs are not needed for quality pictures of small items.
A point and shoot, $1 piece of posterboard, and outdoor lighting are all you need. For an even better photo, use a free photo editing software like Gimp to edit the "levels" (makes whites whiter).
Here's an example of a $75 point and shoot with outdoor lighting and old posterboard background.

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must agree on nautral sunlight, but not direct sunlight. when it's clody or in a semi shadded area outside.
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Ok. Thank you guys. I think you saved me from spending some money.
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Quantity of pictures sells product, next is quality. You want to show it from every angle, so people can see any imperfection clearly. I use my cell phone for most of my stuff, but I do have lights, I just rarely set them up...

Bouncing light is key for good lighting, you can do a ton with diffusers, and shop lights/natural light. Throw in some color gells, and some scrims and you get some professional looking shots with a very small investment.

My sister owns a grip truck that she uses in the film industry. And the most used item in that, is her bounce boards. You can buy all that stuff for very little money.

Or you can just make it yourself. Sheets are cheap, and do the job of a diffuser just fine.
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