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Originally Posted by Syko89 View Post
I like Sr and Jesse best. Jr's is cool but to big for me. Fast and loud well I agree that it is a bike built not a bike restore / modify competition
Jesse and Sr's bikes are cool but, I thought it kind of sucked that they brought sport bikes to a competition called "Chopper Live." Fast and Loud did the same thing thet do with cars, restore it. They didn't build anything. I think Junior won by default.
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I preferred Jesse's bike and then Snr's. I would have voted for Senior as most of his bike was awesome but the front end at the top of the forks ruined it for me.

That said, I don't believe either was really a "chopper".

So in that case PJD's was the best chopper and Gas Monkey second.

But in order of Bike's I would have wanted...

1) Jesse James, closely followed by 2) Snr (I would have reworked the front end) 3) Jnr and 4th) the Gas Monkey guys.

I do think the feud betweek Jesse and Richard was real. You could see venom in Jesse's eyes and he's normally got a pretty "whatever" look to his face.

I think he was seriously considering going across the presenter to have at Rich.

Oh yeah and the presenter did suck. Who is he and what is he from? The back stage guy was better and at least recognisable to the motor head crowd.
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I liked each bike for different reasons; I think my least favorite was actually Jr.'s though.

Junior's was far too large and a bit too busy for me. I think the sheet metal work he did was amazing though, and would've been perfect if he left off some of the gaudier / busy accents they put on it. Had they kept it a bit more simple and clean, I think I would've liked it better. I thought the body work was amazing when they completed it, but was far more "meh" when they unveiled it in its final state.

Seniors was pretty damn cool. I agree with everyone else that the front didn't flow with the rest of the bike, but I think I would've liked it had they not made it so chunky. The CNC work on it was just absolutely amazing. I was hoping they'd anno it in more ridiculous colors though - would've been neat. Then again, I'd put a splash on everything if I could.

Jesse's bike was amazing. I can't believe he didn't place, but I'm also not surprised based on the assumed tastes of the people who likely voted. I think I would like to own his the most out of all of them, simply because it fits closest to my taste in bikes (besides Gas Monkey).

I absolutely loved Gas Monkey's bike - I would absolutely LOVE to own theirs as well. So ride-able and awesome looking. I don't think I agree with a restored bike coming in second in a competition that's supposed to be about custom-built bikes. Not really their fault though, as that is what they do best - and I think they did a great job of it.
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the host (Sal Masakala) does Xgames and MTV stuff

I didnt like him as a chopper host

Jr put a nice chopper together
Sr's was cool, until i saw the lights on the forks... yuck
Jesses was cool, but his seat was strange and it reminded me of a smart car
F&L was a very clean chopper, but i didnt see the restore part (was in and out of the living room so i missed it)

if i had a vote on just the pictures (nothing else, no background, etc)
1. Jr
2. F&L
3. Jesse
4. Sr

but if senior had fixed his forks he coulda been #2, if jesse had fixed the middle of his bike (seat and tank) he coulda been #1-2
F&L was sweet, but almost too plain, needed a little more to it
jr's seemed to be the only complete chopper with start to finish every detail done

the rivalry between jesse and F&L was intense...
im sure richard was pissed about the dumptruck of manure bein dropped in his driveway too haha
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I watched it last night, and I'm not a chopper / motorcycle guy at all, even though I followed the series for the last year or two. As a matter of fact, my ideal would be something like a 2WD chopper, which, doesn't really exist as far as I can tell. I didn't vote but, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the majority of viewers / voters weren't bikers or motorcycle enthusiasts either.

Junior's bike deservers the win in my opinion mainly because it is was the best looking, custom built chopper.

Senior's bike clearly had the manufacturing prowess hands-down but, it lacked any overarching aesthetic (curved, sloping lines in the back, industrial-angled forks) and I think that is the biggest difference between Senior's designer, and Junior. Honestly, I don't know if I'd call it a chopper either, it looked really small compared to Senior.

Gasmonkey's bike while beautiful, and good performing, was simply not a custom build. I've seen snippets of their show and I never got the impression that they do anything other than restoration and modification.

Jesse's bike looked to me nothing at all like a chopper, and if the commentary about the oil pan location was true (claimed to be under the seat), that couldn't be good either. It struck me as a hack to make a chopper set of components fit a streetbike form factor, minus all the aerodynamic panels you'd see on a streetbike.

If you ask me, I would really like to know who placed third- I'd hate to think that Senior's shop and Jesse would be on the same level.
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I was hoping someone would call Jesse out on being such a colossal douche.

That being said, I'd rate them:

Fast and Loud
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I just like the pranks they pull, pretty funny. Gas Monkey has got my vote
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They always get moody after you try to **** with them.
Now what's a cocker?
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It was funny when they were talking **** about Jesse taking so long because he was mining his own ore. Hahaha
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By definition the ONLY chopper was Gas Monkeys. Choppers have to start from a OEM frame. You then chop and craft them into something that is rideable.
Anything else is just a custom build. i.e the other 3. Jr's version has been done by Ness before, and the other two looked to much like Hybrids to be choppers

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