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Nice find! I need to see if i can find my copy of "The encyclopedia of faeries" it's old as dirt but its super informative on old folklore and includes excerpts, stories and tips on how to get your baby back when changelings take it.

One of my fave authors, Neil Gaiman actually uses old folklore in alot of his works and his writing is just plain awesome. Currently re-re-re-reading "Good Omens" right now.

Terry Pratchett is pretty righteous while I'm thinking about it.

For me personally, it doesn't even have to be folklore/fiction. I'll just buy old books and read them. Also, as sad as it is to see a library close, those are the best places to find dusty treasures.
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Good Omens is one of my favorites. I'll have to look for the Encyclopedia of Faeries that you mentioned too. I love stuff like that.
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Originally Posted by Listessa View Post
Remember, those are times when people lived in much smaller places. Kids were exposed to farming, as well as night time at home in a place that might just be ONE room. What do you think Mommie and Daddie were doing? The more children you have, the easier it is to survive and keep farming.

It would be still frightening for kids, especially if you've seen livestock breeding. They tend to be noisy. Plus, there's still always the double standard of keeping your daughters "pure" even if your sons are not. (No one wants to doubt where their wife's baby could have come from.)
Like I said, many of these stories weren't focused as for children- but the lower class people in general back during those times. Who wants their wife/sister/mother/daughter to go out and get raped? Older laws weren't made like ours. Plus, if that happened, many times a husband might kick the woman out.

Also, the whole aversion to sex and it being EVIL wasn't as ingrained until the Puritans. Unfortunately, thanks to our roots the US is still steeped in that whole Puritan style sex taboo for the most part. Many other places around the world are much less inhibited than we are.
Also remember people didn't live as long as today. I don't know the specific statistics, but I remember hearing that 13 was marrying age in medieval times, and 30 was considered a ripe old age. That might seem like a long time ago, but considering how long humans have been around, the medieval period was yesterday.
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