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heinous 01-08-2013 08:27 AM

my old woodsball undershirt is worth $1600+

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ilivlife 01-08-2013 08:37 AM

i do not want to live on this planet anymore

Melvin 01-08-2013 08:58 AM

ha! reminds me of the $290 jil sander paper bag purse (I wish i was lying)

DashHopes 01-08-2013 11:03 AM

Bored383 01-08-2013 11:25 AM

wow it sure costs a lot too look so poor!


Arson24 01-08-2013 01:28 PM

if you pay me half of that.....i can make one with some scissors :D

uv_halo 01-08-2013 01:39 PM

I'm gonna have to bust out the old shirt that almost matches that one to a T :P I've got an old olive drab shirt that I slitted up to be part of a Zombie costume, and I swear that could be the same shirt.

Magoo 01-08-2013 02:03 PM

The fashion industry makes as much sense to me as modern art...

EgoPossum 01-08-2013 02:07 PM


Originally Posted by Arson24 (Post 2586099)
if you pay me half of that.....i can make one with some scissors :D

I gave my room mate's ex the same deal after hearing that she spent $300 on a pair of "high fashion" jeans.
Showed her a pair of my jeans that I wear on lazy days that looked really similar to her new ones. I accidently tagged them with a grinding disk used for cleaning up tires for race cars.

Axel 01-08-2013 02:17 PM

I may be a fool, but even I don't part with money that easily.

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