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Jan. 19, 1994 in Pittsburgh, PA. 22 degrees below zero F

I was also in AK, when it hit -30 something.
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Our cold snap of -47*F just broke last night. The coldest I have been in is -60*F w/o any wind. I have been working outside @ around -54*F with about a 10mph wind, and let me tell you, that sucks!
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Location: The Great White North (Sault Ste. Marie, ON)

Coldest was probably this year in the Sault. -47*C with the wind chill, -39*C without. I've seen colder, but didn't go outside.

Hottest was 126*F in Texas. No idea if that's with or without the humidex.
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Location: Toronto

-30C or so with wind, 7 years ago, north end of Toronto, was waiting for a bus, in a middle of the night, for about 40 minutes. Felt good.
Coldest temps i played in, -25C with wind, Bowmanville, early march, 2006 i think.
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When I used to make snow at Killington VT, it could get pretty cold at night. The worst was about -35*F with 30 mph winds. We were also working with high pressure air and water. It was so cold the moisture from my breath froze my mustache and beard under my balaclava and I couldn't talk for about 20 min while instood in front if the heater defrosting my face. Most said it was an improvement.
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Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

-37 deg C while in Labrador City a few years ago, -35 deg C while in Fort McMurray this winter. Coldest I have played in was about -20 deg C. Those are before wind chill.
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Originally Posted by Tugboater203 View Post
...defrosting my face. Most said it was an improvement.

And the wind is always WICKED in Killington.
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I have been to the South Pole for work and we saw temps around -65C while we were there. Would love to go for a long term assignment but that was just a 5 day trip for installation of weather station equipment.
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Freezing my *** off here in N. Cal. Got down to the 20's last week.
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i played lacrosse outside the dorm in -25C when i was in sask for school

but the coldest it got while i was there was like -35ish

we ran from class to class because it was sooo cold!

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