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View Poll Results: Fold or Wad?
Fold 50 63.29%
Wad 12 15.19%
Hybrid 11 13.92%
Other Freakish Method 6 7.59%
Voters: 79. You may not vote on this poll

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Fold of course. That way you can wipe, fold again & then wipe again. You can possibly get another fold & wipe but you really have to judge that on a dump by dump basis. I personally use the charmin wet wipe things though.

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I've always been more of a folder myself. I might try wadding now, just to experience it. Sounds like a new adventure....

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Fold. 6 squares. 8 if it was unpleasant.
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I'll have to ask my buttler.

see what I did there?
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Y'all wipe?
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In this order:

Un-roll roll until tip of paper touches the ground. (If no wall mount, hold roll out by two fingers at slightly above knee level untill tip of paper touches the ground.)

Fold three times around hand with fingers splayed out so that paper is aprox' 6" in length.

Wipe, check, then decide whether or not to fold the paper in use and wipe again.

Once the majority is dealt with, continue with a pinching method, finishing by folding paper a third time to make a "point". Use the "point" to reach difficult areas.

Repeat previous step until completely clean.

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Baby wipe throw in tank after finished.
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Remove roll from dispenser. Wipe. Tear off the used layer. Toss it in the trash. Set the roll on the sink for the next guy.
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Doesn't care (/◕ヮ◕)/
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I'm suprized shower isn't listed on there

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This method works best and cost nothing, just those cold winter days suck.


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DashHopes has a nelspot that has internals that were polished by Chuck Norris, using only his beard to polish them.
That nelspot never needs lube, shoots 2,000 ball per second, never needs reloaded, doesn't require an air source and when the paintball hits somebody the result is the same as if Chuck Norris round house kicked them.
He nick named the gun Reggie.
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