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Double espresso Moquioto with extra foam. EXTRA FOAM!

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I like my coffee BLACK and if I can a shot of expresso in it

At one of my jobs I was banned from drinking coffee and redbull (yup mixed them together and it does taste as bad as it sounds)
Don't ask - post-shag/stag & doe of a good friend's the night prior, manager and I decided that we needed to break that "up for over 24 hours" haze and it was the only thing that we could think of.
We were so productive that we ran 2/3rd of the kitchen by ourselves on a Saturday morning bunch service going "WEEEEEEEEEEEE!". General manager got a good laugh but had to reprimand us because we made the head kitchen manager and his lackey look like fools. That day we ran better numbers in the history of the restaurant.
"I shoot pump because it hurts more feelings." -- ryantuomi (heard at Living Legends 2)
"Not everybody understands English... but everyone understands stick" - Big Sexy Medic
"Pumping is about as much a disadvantage for me as shifting is for a Nascar driver" - Ralanti (in an email between ryantuomi, ralanti and I about playing pump)
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Brass and Wood Fan
Coffee, dark roast, black.

Victis Honor

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

Nemo Malus Felix
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Originally Posted by Hawkeye20 View Post
Coffee, dark roast, black.
Amen, that's how I prefer it too.

I always get black coffee with no sugar or cream, and my friends always look at me in disgust. I just tell them, "hey, I like my coffee like I like my women... large and black!"

Needless to say, their faces go from: to this:

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Whole bean Starbuck Breakfast Blend, grind myself, splenda and cinnabon creamer. I drink about a pot a day.
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I primarily drink Kansas City Blend from The Roasterie. I grind it fresh and brew it at home, add a little half and half, and have a great day!
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