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The most comfortable pair I had were Timberland composite hikers, but they just didn't last. I currently wear Wolverine hikers. I've had them for almost 2 years now of everyday wear. Had a 2 ton landing joint roll on to my foot with absolutely no damage to me or the boot. I had to get a forklift to get it off of my toe but aside from being unable to move there was no damage.
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Ya know, if you're on a budget terra actually does the job better then the other stuff I've tried. My pair has been through a bunch of ridiculous stuff and they still seem to be holding up fine. Mine are the "running shoe" sort, and they're just warm enough in the winter, and just cool enough in the summer, which is a nice bonus.
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Originally Posted by TheePsycho View Post
I started a new job at a printing company. Well this job requires me to wear steel toe shoes or boots and I'm standing for 12hrs a day (12 hour shift). Currently I'm wearing Wolverine steel toe work boots and I added some inserts for comfort, but I think I would be better off with shoes. Does anyone have any experience with really comfortable steel toe shoes?

Currently I was looking at these Puma steel toe shoes. I have a bunch of Puma shoes and they are all really comfortable.

Puma Shoes: Men's Steel Toe Heat Resistant Work Shoes 64.262.5 - Steel Toe Tennis Shoes - Men's Steel Toe Shoes - Footwear
i have good question that need to be ask are you partial flat foot or full flat foot. that would make difference. since if your are partial or full flat foot you will have hard time finding good pair shoe or worker boots with steel toes. you might need to see foot doctor or your regular doctor to get pair shoe made for you. i am flat foot and find hard to find good pair of worker boots to use since if ground not even i get pain in my feet.
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I have a pretty good arch.
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Originally Posted by freebird View Post
lube the shaft and warm the o-ring up in your hand by rubbing it back and forth between hands. then it should go on easier.
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don't let the wolverines scare you away from boots. Wolverines are one of the few brands that they stock at a local store where we get reimbursed for our work boots and just about everyone of us that has gotten them, hates them.

Maybe I got spoiled by my last boots. They were a pair of timberland pros and were comfortable from the first time I wore them until they started wearing out 2 years later. Men's Timberland PRO 6" Endurance ST @ I would order another pair but I prefer to try them on in person and I've worn out the tag that has the size listed.
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my fav's were always doc marten work boots. though alittle on the heavy side i could wear them all day and be comfortable. Also i liked were the magnum and red wings. having flat feet it was always hard to find boots so im kinda picky.
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Redwing, first pair will be uncomfortable most likely, but once your foot reshapes to them you'll be fine. I somewhat call BS on the "breaking in the boots" with redwings. I had bought a brand new pair last year and they fit just as comfortable as my old ones.

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here the other issue you have to think about. i have not been walking on uneven ground in long time. also with the fact i use herman survivors work boots that are hightop shoe. i have to re-break them in since some what flat foot my feet have to get use to the shoes walking on uneven ground. do to fact i gave small slop and some times have take small step or jump down to get slop ground. it takes awhile to break in good pair of steel shoe if your not use to using them or if some what flat foot. it takes me about 1 to 2 weeks to break pair if ground uneven and not level. if just walking around like in grocery store could easy break them in. not many people can handle fact they have to walk around all day for 8 to 10 straight with some standing in one place when they use pair new worker boots with steel toes.
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I've got a pair of Terra spiders, I would recommend them if you dont specifically need "steel" toe.
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I wear Bates composites at work and at home. They are a 'tactical' boot and are very comfortable.

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