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Originally Posted by TippmannFireman View Post
Day = made. Hilarious!
Amen. Good find.
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hahah rolling right now!

this was awesome
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That's hilarious, made my day!
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Originally Posted by Zoo View Post
One thing this farmer did not experience: bucks (male deer) will charge at you with their antlers, and have killed people this way.
My uncle was hunting during muzzleloader season and had this happen. He fired and missed. Next thing he knew, the fairly large buck was barreling toward him, antlers first. My uncle took a baseball swing with the gun and struck the deer, cracking the stock. Luckily, it ran off after being hit.
i had an encounter with a buck once.

it was staying at a research facility in untouched land, herds of deer roam free and everyone is used to it. usually they keep their distance and we keep ours.

so one particularly late night i left the building after doing what i do. i opened the door only to see a whole herd is outside eating the grass, and right in the middle, a buck. it raised its head at the sound of the closing door (it opens from being pushed from the inside and so was silent when i opened it.) the whole heard saw its head movement and looked up too.

so now i was being stared down by an entire herd from a few car lengths away, not sure if i can open the door quick enough should they decide to charge, and front and center was a buck whose antlers i just noticed were not only impressive, but sharp. so i just froze there, as did they.

then they ran off.
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Saw this on FB. Its really funny. I had to read it because the picture had a deer beating up 2 guys roping it so i had to read it, i cant get enough of people being attacked by animals.
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Hahahahaha....hahahahaha. What... How... Hahaha
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