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I put new drywall ceilings on the top two floors of my house, by myself, using 4'x8' panels and a 2x4 cut in two and rejoined in the shape of a "T". The ceilings were 10 feet high upstairs.

I managed to get quite a rythym - put one end on the ladder and lay the other end across the top of the "T" and jam the end of the panel up against the ceiling and rooted to the floor with the 2x4 "T". Then I would scramble over to the ladder, with my screwgun thrown over my shoulder like a sack, and push the other end of the panel up against the ceiling, banging her home with a few well placed screws. Then hit the other side.

So here I am thinking, no sweat... I can do the rest of the house.

I started on the first floor - 14 foot ceilings and extra large drywall sheets (I was getting cocky). I think they might have been 7' x 14', although I can't remember exactly. They were BIG!

SO... after breaking two sheets and getting clonked on the head a few times by my gigantic 2x4 "T", I finally decided to go and see if anyone had invented a mechanical aid and , sure enough, the local rental center had a lifter!

I was in heaven and it seemed like a breeze from then on.

Looking good. Glad to see that the Hacker is still alive and well. You too Prekel, I've just seen you face-to-face more recently than the Gooseman.

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Drywalling is always fun for the nondrywalling individual. I dry walled my dining room addition by myself using the stand on ladder with drywall balanced on my head method. I had worked for a drywall company while I was back in highschool. I had forgotten how much fun it was. I`m glad I now have a much less labor intensive job. Since I was by myself, I used the beer to help get over the afterwork soreness. Drum congrats on the money pit. Who said having a classic stylish home was going to be easy?
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The surprises are the best part of an old house... both good and nasty. While repairing the floor in our bedroom, I found a roll of $5 and $20 bills issued by... The Confederate States of America! God knows how they got there as the house wasn't built until the late 1870's, but it was a neat find that netted over $300 in ebay funds (we kept the nicest example of each denomination).

More usually the surprises are of a less happy nature. I shudder every time my wife says something like, "I think I would like new tile in the bathroom." That usually leads to having to rip out and renovate the ENTIRE bathroom! It isn't in anyone's plans, but once you scratch the surface there is usually another, unexpected task (or twelve) glaring back at you.

Good luck, Kindred.
If I can help out, let me know.

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Tell her I said she's nuts to think about replacing the tile in the bathroom!

It looks really nice and is correct for the house.

Let her concentrate on...hmmmmm...... well I don't know, the stairs to the basement? Beats the hell out of me, but there's no reason to change the bathroom.

But I'm not the owner so I've really got no say in it

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Originally Posted by Lrrpie-CT
That day laborer on the left looks vaguely familiar! Hopefully those two didn't have too many beers before putting up the sheetrock. I mean you want your new home to last!
Without the beers, the job wouldn't have been done so well.

low ceilings are an understatment
I put the lights on the ceiling without the use of a ladder or the rock lifter (sissys)
It's a rare occasion that I can do anything without having to break out the ladder

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