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I had 3 wisdom teeth yanked this past february. Just novacaine - 12 shots of it, and I still felt them digging chunks out of my jaw(Most painkillers are less than effective on me). They hadda split 2 of the teeth to get them out, roots were over an inch long.

It gets better.

When I got home, took a vicadin, and changed the cotton rolls as prescribed, except 1 socket wouldn't stop bleeding. I lost over a pint of blood, and with the painkiller, I couldn't stand up at one point. The bathroom looked like a Charnal house.

Wanna know the worst part? I still got one buried in my jaw that has to be removed by a periodontic surgeon.


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I had a total of six wisdom teeth removed while in the Navy. I had four normal wisdom teeth, plus two supernumeries. They cut out all six plus, part of my jaw while I was under general anethesia. The Naval hospital taped a sign on me that said subject on drugs, so I couldn't be held accountable for what I said. My buddy that drove me home told me later, that I said all kinds of dumb obinoxious crap to anyone around me. They loaded me up with percocet for the after experience. The surgen at the Naval hospital in Guam filmed my operation as a training aid for other Naval oral surgens. I looked like Droopy for about two weeks. I'm glad wisdom teeth don't grow back, because that experience really sucked.
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My worst dental expirience was a root canal(my wisdoms are still due). The doctor shot my jaw and upper palat with novacaine and begun drilling exactly 1 minute later. When he hit the un-numb nerve my vision actually began to flash black and white and my mouth instantly slamed closed...drill/fingers and all. The doc then proceded to stab a novacaine needle straight into the hole/nerve....

I woke up and decided I would never go back to a dentist again.


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I'm getting way too much enjoyment out of this thread...I just know I'll be getting what's due to me soon
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Man! I've had great dentists all my life. I also still have all 4 wisdom teeth, and just enough room for them all.

(knocking furiously on wood)
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Three impacted wisdom teeth, they had to break my jaw to get the one lower one. I didn't apparently have a forth one.

I was down for about a week before I could function normally.

The worst was when I was cleaning the holes out a week or two later with a syringe. I was pulling on my cheek to see back in the back to clean out the lower hole. Then, my whole outside layer of gums separated from my teeth, exposing the bone and roots of my teeth all along that side of my mouth.

I almost fainted right then and there, I was totally freaking out.

I thought I was gonna lose all of my teeth on tht whole side of my jaw (it was the same one they had to break, I could see the ground off pieces of the bone, and everything. .

So I call up the dentist office franticly, I am thinking I am gonna die.

The dentist is like "Oh, that's normal, it should grow back together".

I'm like "no, really, I can totally see my jaw and roots of my teeth on half of my lower jaw!!!" He said it would grow back together, and just to keep it clean.

Jeeze, what a panick I had.

It did grow back, but I was convinced I was gonna get gangrene or something on my jaw. I didn't want to eat for a month.
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Heh... I just had mine out too. All 4 out on July 26th so I'm still in recovery mode. Thing is, mine were perfectly fine. All 4 grew in nicely. Why did I get them removed then? First of all, they had grown into my jawline, so the back of the teeth were dug into my jawbone and secondly, I had a really bad infection behind one and the dentist told me that they'd just get worse and more frequent if I didn't get the fab 4 yanked.

I was fortunate to get knocked out. I wish I knew where I could get some laughing gas... heh... the swelling wasn't really bad for me at all. I iced the crap outta my face for 2 days so, yeah... and I got all loaded up on the percocets. Little wonder pills, they is.

Good luck and when you can't taste blood anymore, you can start eating real food!

Andry : )

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Ugh, I still vividly remember waking up in the dentists chair and seeing a small hammer, and what appeared to be a rather bloody chisle on the tray next to me.

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I had two of them taken out during the same session, the whole ordeal lasted 3 minutes. Three hours later drugs wore off, i didn't feel any pain at all, except a bit of soreness like I just finish blowing up 1000 party balloons.

The annoy part of the whole thing was, I had tosuck rice out of the holes for a few days after that.
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Piece of cake for me.. two were half impacted but coming in at angles so they were pushing my other teeth upward and forward.. and the other two were barely breaking skin.

IV drip.. now please start counting backwards from 99.......... woke up and they said they were all done (I was there favorite because I just laid there and didn't thrash, try to roll over or reach for my mouth) slapped bags of chipped ice on my cheeks and just took advil for a couple days. And then I was fine.

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