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Dealing with neighborhood kids

I come to you guys with a question...but first I want to give you a little background to the question so you understand the full scope of why I ask this question.

several days ago, two idiots were street racing down my parents paved road. One was riding a 4 wheeler, the other a dirt bike. These morons decided to use both lanes going into a turn so naturally they didn't see the car coming in the apposing lane. The speed limit on my parents road is 25 mph, They were doing more towards 50. Witness's said that the kid on the 4 wheeler swerved took out my parents mailbox (it was bashed into pieces) all the while doing 4 barrel rolls. The lady whom they almost hit stopped and my parents neighbors ran over. The two kids proceeded to get back on their rides and take off as fast as they could. The kid on the 4 wheeler making sure to flip my parents neighbor off as he sped off.

The police were called and a police report made. The officer even made a pit stop at a house that was suspected of being the kid's residence. My parents neighbor wants to beat the hell out of the kids if he ever catches them again.

Well last night, around 2:30 am a car crept in front of my house and light off fire crackers waking me up. It happened so quick I didn't have time to do anything.

So my question is, now that i'm older and most of the things I used to do as a kid to get back at someone are frowned upon and in most cases illegal to do now that i'm an adult....what would you do?

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place the appropriate reports and just be patient and keep watch

check on relevant laws regarding video camera surveillance of your property and put up a camera

sooner or later the moron twins will screw up again - get em on video and turn it in to the cops and the parents then make the kids pay

as tempting as it is to just kick the everloving snot out of them - nowadays you can get sued or in trouble for it - far better to just bide your time and let them hang themselves.
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keep working with the police. Call them and let them know there was an unknown vehicle setting off fireworks in front of your house at 2:30 am. They can't do anything directly, but it will alert them that there may be an issue in your area. If things keep happening, continue to let them know about it. Eventually they'll send an officer out and hopefully whoever is doing it will be caught in the act.
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There are legal ways you can get back at them. Get one of those vandle proof mailboxes, sink the post deep into the ground and pour concrete around the base. At some point one of them will try to smash it or run it over and they will either brake their wrist or **** up their car.

Maybe get a night ccd camera. The quality wont let you make the kids out but you'll at least see their car.
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Slash their tires. Make sure you do two.

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Originally Posted by tlane77 View Post
Slash their tires. Make sure you do two.
Slash the front driver side tire... then put caltrops hidden under the other three. Hopefully they notice the front is flat, but miss the caltrops. Then go through all the effort to change to the spare only to have the rest go flat the moment they move the car.

Ideally do this on a day with a forecast of heavy rain.

(Don't actually do this, as it is both childish and illegal, but I have a mildly twisted mind that needs to share.)
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Ok, I'm a little confused. You say this incident of reckless motoing was at your parents. The firecracking was at your house. Do you think the firecracking offenders are the same reckless motoheads and they were out to exact revenge on you?
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i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by tlane77 View Post
Slash their tires. Make sure you do two.
Why stop there? Slash their throats, they cant cause trouble if they are dead. And kill the parents so they can't make anymore. Maybe the rest of their family too, that ensures they don't try and get revenge.
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I had a buddy, who even as an adult, thought his was funny. He realized doing it at my house, conveniently located in about the middle of nowhere, was a bad idea the day I stepped outside with a shotgun. Factually I did not know exactly what made that big boom but generally speaking when I investigate noises its armed somehow. Then again my closest neighbor is a 1/4 mile away or so.
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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
Why stop there? Slash their throats, they cant cause trouble if they are dead. And kill the parents so they can't make anymore. Maybe the rest of their family too, that ensures they don't try and get revenge.

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