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Besides that she threaten her life. Then turned the knife on the officer then by definition of law that was self defense.

In court I personally believe the parents have no grounds really.

I'm not a lawyer or a cop yet. But from what I have learned in my classes so far. What the officer did was justifiable.

I'm just happy this report didn't sound like it was leaning towards one side. It stated everything that happened.
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taser used on 8 yr old girl... don't know what to say about this one.

Originally Posted by heinous View Post
people have been killed by tasers before, but so have they been killed by knives. he did it to save her life, no complaints from me.
That's my thinking as well. It would be one thing if this girl were unarmed and throwing a temper tantrum, or even having a full on rage episode. But threatening to kill herself and holding a knife to her own chest? What the heck else could the officers really have done? Try to grab it, she either hurts them or hurts herself. Clearly she wasn't going to be talked into putting it down, so what's the other option? There are plenty of instances of taser use that I don't agree with but this is not one of them.

I'm also really loving how completely oblivious the parents sound in their statements... "Acting out"??? Seriously? Acting out is talking back or locking herself in her room. Waving a knife at your babysitter, and then a police officer, is not "acting out" it's a sign of some serious mental/behavioral issues.
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WHat i dont understand is, why did they even call the police in the first place?
What did they even expect by calling the police?
Try to take the knife from the girl, and she might end up stabbing herself or even the officer. Leave it with her, and she might do the same and there is no point in the policemen being called int eh first place.
Way i saw it, police officer took the course of action that put the girl in the least amount of danger.
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The parent should be far more worried about they're daughters actions than those of the officer.
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Originally Posted by Luckless View Post
....And to anyone who thinks a small little knife is 'safe', just remember how easy it is to open a wound that will bleed a grown man out in less than a minute with a blade shorter than your average thumb.
who let Hannibal Lector in here?
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Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I really don't see the issue in this particular case. The parents are way off base, though.
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Sounds like the guy would have been boned either way.

really as bad as this sounds, he probably would have been in less trouble if she stabbed herself in the chest with it.

This article is a bit annoying because on the title. I say shame on the news reporters titling this in a way to sound like the most horrible thing ever to get attention (kinda a joke but kinda not).

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So the cop tazed a kid thus potentially saving her and preventing injury to his own person.

I'm entirely ok with this.

And I doubly agree with Heinous. Knives kill people, too.
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Toronto Police would have shot her 9 times first then tasered her afterwards. .

Toronto police officer charged with second degree murder in streetcar shooting death of Sammy Yatim | National Post

I support this officer in this situation as this was the best response he could have done assuming the observations of the little girl were correct. Some children and adults may have mental disabilities that prevent them from understanding that a knife will actually kill themselves, and use the whole suicide thing as a call for attention. I have witnessed this in a child (grade 8). He put scissors to his neck saying he would commit suicide (to get attention) but due to his mental condition couldnt realize that suicide would mean he would be dead forever. Luckily a support staff was nearby to disarm him.
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im ok ok with mom would have thrown her shoe at me and probably knocked me out before I could hurt myself!
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