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Cruddy drivers have always been around. I mean, if Disney is talking about road rage in 1950 it can't be all that new.

I saw that as a kid and I think about it whenever I see a real Delta Beta on the road.
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Original clip is down.
Here it is, re-hosted.
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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
I wish people would understand how potentially dangerous a vehicle is. Considering their weight and speed (even at very low speeds) they carry far more energy than any civilian firearm and can be incredibly deadly.

We should require people to have a license to drive or something.
I guess with all the safety stuff vehicles have now, people don't care anymore. Car commercials explain how safe you are if you wreck instead of "hey if you drive like a moron you might die"

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That and if you do wreck it's a slap on the wrist, and an "it can happen to anyone" attitude. Negligence is no "accident".
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And yet I see this EXACT sign when I roll into work

Like stuff like this should not have been filmed in the first place. Dangerous stuff operating phone while driving, heck even attempting to answer and speakerphone is difficult while driving.

And yeah the lady probably could have made a reasonable attempt to speedup a little to move one over or allow the truck to overtake her in the right lane. But jeeze ****ing truck drivers are *******s, there is a reason why I leave plenty of room for them, they are unpredictable always for whatever reason always in a rush, and if not that just want to be an *******. I know that doesn't apply to all pickup truck owners but Dammit man, Alberta driving is just plain ****ty
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