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"Must see" movies

Hey guys, I'm a pretty big movie buff, but conversations with various people have led me to believe that the list of moves that I've seen is pretty sad. So What movies would yall say are must sees? I mean like the best of the best.

Things that I have seen that I would put on a list like this:
Dark Knight
Bicentennial Man
Fiddler on the Roof
Forrest Gump
Star Wars
Back to the Future
Indiana Jones

These can be any genre; action, romance, comedy, live action, animated, etc, but I probably won't watch horror movies. And if we could keep it to pg-13, I'd appreciate it. I'll make a few exceptions there, but not many.

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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I tend to like quirky movies so I'd say the royal tenenbaums & gentlemen broncos. Most everything I see is rated R so I don't know what else to suggest.

P.S. .........I FARTED ON THE MEAT!!
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IP man 1,2,3 english dub if you can find them
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The Lives of Others
Fight Club
Infernal Affairs (the original Hong Kong film that The Departed was based on.)
Oceans Eleven
The Blues Brothers
No Country for Old men
Shaun of the Dead
Pulp Fiction
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Well, that was going to be a few of my suggestions. So here are a couple of others.
Kung Fu Hustle
Sin City
Shaun of the Dead
Children of Men
Princess Bride
Army of Darkness
Airplane/Flying High
28 Days/Weeks later
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Dr. Strangelove ?
Blazing Saddles PG-13
The Big Lebowski R
Terminator R I think
The outlaw Josey Wales R
Full Metal Jacket R
The Godfather R
Casino ?
The Room ???
Four Rooms R
Taxi Driver R

Lots of others. I didn't bother mentioning some as most of you already hit Tarantino and the UK gangster flicks.

edit-Whoops. Just read that this is mostly PG-13 list. So uhhh, I'll put a rating by them.

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Did you create an account on here JUST to talk about your fascination with Britney Spears, or do you play paintball on the side as well?
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