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Sony AZ1 thoughts?

I've always rocked the gopro hero3+ black on a headstrap to record my paintball vids seen here; that works pretty well while running stock class or mod stock but we all know that's the worst place with a hopper. Even when running my little winchester, seen here;
It'd be ideal to mount it on the side of my mask but it sticks out so much I might as well be wearing a sombrero. And the weight of it seems almost unbearable to finish a game with.

I just sold my 1963 baja bug today so I have some spending money that I'd like to spend on a small action cam like a contour or a drift ghost. I want something to mount on the side of my mask permanently, used strictly for paintball. Research brought me to the Sony AZ1. It records 1080p at 60 frames and 720p at 120 frames (same as my gopro.) There are a few cons like poor battery life and all settings must be changed through an app but the weight and physique is what I'm looking for. Filming at 4k is the near future but for the price the cam is almost disposable and wouldn't be a problem if I decide to upgrade in a few years.

Does/has anyone used this on the field? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I'm also open to any other small action camera choices. Please give some input on any camera you use. Videos welcome!
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I have an older full size Sony Action Cam (AS20?) that I have been using for paintball. I built a custom mount for it to go on the picatinny rails of my marker, and have since adapted it to mount to the side of my mask (helmet mount didn't exist at that time). I've been quite happy with it in general. Due to the added weight I've had to tighten the strap on my mask to keep it secure, but it's not uncomfortable (the mini would be lighter anyway).

If you search my username on youtube you can check out my videos to see how it does (keep in mind mine is the older model)
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I looked at the SONY, but ended up going with the GoPro Hero Session. It's small and light, waterproof and shockproof without a separate case. It worked out very well on my recent trip to New Zealand. Used it for bungee jumping, luge cart racing, and snorkeling; worked great for all of them.

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I'm anxious to see what the Nikon 360 costs. I'm guessing it's going to be something ridiculous.
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Just ordered it! I'll post here again when I get some game time with it
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It came in yesterday and had time to mess around with it enough to share my thoughts on it. First impressions are that it's amazingly light and has such a small profile. It came with a curved and a flat adhesive mount and I have two more curved ones on the way along with more batteries and a charger. The problem with the adhesive mount is it requires the camera to be mounted sideways. Not a huge deal because it can be easily rotated in editing but it's not what I wanted. It would stick out a little more than I would like if I mounted it that way. So I fabricated a mount using the adhesive mount along with some aluminum and got the camera to sit upright. I'm using double sided tape to adhere it on the mask, which I don't even think is 3m. So I tethered a small strap to the mask in case it decides to let go on me during a game (see pictures below). The right side of the camera has 2 small buttons; one for on/off and the other for wifi. Then there's a record button on top and the left side is completely flat. So ideally, it should be mounted on the right side of the mask but my goal was to mount it on the left. So when I mounted it, I had it far enough back to still be able to reach the buttons if I needed to.
The cam can still be much closer to the mask if there was a flat part to mount it to. I swear if someone mass produces a mask with a small flat area for a mount, there's a small fortune to be made.

This shows you the strap that connects to the I4s

Now here, you can see a black strip that protrudes from the camera above a small icd screen. These are the on/off and wifi buttons that are accessible

Overall, if anyone is looking for a small action cam for this sport, The Sony AZ1 is the way to go. Of course, I won't completely know how it holds up on the field until I play which should be this Friday. I'll post again if that's the case.

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