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The Yard

This year I'm going to try to make my yard great again (it was crap when I started renting the place).

I finally raked up the leaves from my neighbor's tree that have been piling up in a corner and started de-thatching and pulling up lawn clipping that have been sitting around for the past 6 years. Also my other neighbor was kind enough to spray herbicide on both of our lawns because mold was growing because we had rainy and cloudy weather last month.

I estimate this to be around 750 lbs of biomass and I still have about 200 lbs to go.

I could only afford to get grass seeds fertilizer for the front yard. It's been 1 week, no germinating yet.

My wood has two different fungal infections, white splotches and black mushrooms. I got the wood from my neighbor after the garbage men refused to pick it up after 2 weeks, but I neglected to get a tarp for it. I'm hoping fire and bleach will clean them up.

Lastly I'm hoping to build a table and matching "pergola" by fall. I want to start hosting game nights at my place again. My living room is too small and it gets hot way too fast. I might throw some sails onto the pergola to make some shade for my lawn because that tree doesn't do $*&^.

The first table prototype I built had slats so I can slide them open and drop in things like a small charcoal grill or propane burner for like asian style BBQ or hotpot. The whole thing is held together by slots locking into each other. But it was my first time with a router. My bit was too big which made some of the lumber split and I had too many extenders so the cuts were really wobbly.

More pictures to come and table/pergola design.

What are some yard projects are ya'll working on?
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Brass and Wood Fan
we built a box garden in the corner of the backyard and are doing our first garden with the kids. Zucchinis, kale, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, etc.

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