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Shipping help

Completley unrelated to mcb here,

Purchased an item that was shipped via UPS, UPS trades off to USPS, USPS marked as delivered on the 3rd. The package was not and is not in the mail box.

Company states they use UPS on their page, and that items are not delivered on Saturdays.

However, UPS gave it to USPS, which i assume would still deliver it on a saturday (and obviously by tracking, did so).

What should i do in this predicament?

My thoughts: contact local USPS, contact UPS, and contact company.
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go in the order of who had it last so start with usps.
also sometimes they mark stuff as delivered when it hasn't been. for me, it usually shows up 1-2 days later.
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Wait a day or two. Sometimes you get the mailman that thinks he's saving time by scanning everything in as delivered before he does, and forgets something under the seat or whatever.
If he did drop it off at the wrong place, it's possible (probable in some few areas) that it will be dropped back off at the post office or your door. There's been more than a couple times just this year I've made a walk around my building handing mail to the right people. Heck, one small package was even from a jeweler. Karma, right?
If it's not there in the day or two after, work your way back. If the USPS marked it as received, then marked it as delivered, that's 100% on them.
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What Deus said. I've had this happen three times this last year. USPS says its delivered but it wasn't, then the next day..voila. Package out of thin air. I even had a package show up to my porch at 9:30 at night one time after saying it was delivered at noon that day. USPS can be odd. Give it some time.
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I have been having repeated instances of this as of late. I have been paying UPS and FedEx shipments and they often will use "Smart Post" without notifying of it's use.

Often, if you call the local USPS with the tracking, they can tell you where it was physically dropped. If you are lucky, they will tell you an address different than your own and you can go leave a note, etc.

In many cases they will tell you your own address, and you have to count on the people who actually received it being honest and return shipping it. In that case it might get re-routed to you directly, or it may be returned to the shipper.
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I've had to wait a week in some cases for a package marked as delivered by USPS to actually arrive to me. My Post office is a very special place. I sincerely hope your USPS is not as special as mine, but.... USPS policy allows them to electronically mark something as "delivered", when in fact it is really pending delivery. They have it in the back in a big pile of packages and they are just getting around to delivering it. There is no excuse for this. I have even received slips in my po box indicating a package to be picked up, but the morons at the window have nothing for me.

The USPS is a broken, inefficient system with a bunch of careless employees and just as careless management. There is nothing you can do to change this. You can bring the tracking # to a clerk; he or she will make a good faith effort to find the package and not find it (waste of your time while you wait). You can go to the Post Master at your local PO. He or she will make a good faith effort to find the package and not find it (waste of your time while you wait). All you an do is wait until USPS grinds your package through its machine and it is eventually available to you. Ineptitude of this magnitude can not be fought, it can only be understood and avoided so it does not drag you down and waste your time.
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I had a shipment from a customer to use as samples for a product that we were asked to make delivered to my office via FedEx. The tracking showed that it was delivered at 9pm that night amd signed for by my warehouse managers first name, with another employees last name. The other problem was that no one in my warehouse was there until 9pm, and neither was anyone from another company that rents warehouse space.

After doing some research, the driver falsified the delivery records. My package showed up a day later, and we have never seen that driver again.

Some delivery people just don't value their jobs I guess?
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