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Well, it finally premiered. First episode is also on Hulu, and probably elsewhere by now.

Got to say, still optimistic.

Visually it's spot on. Not overly grim dark, not lens flared to death, not even "I can totally tell they're filming this in an industrial brewery" overly realistic. Nope, just exactly what you'd expect an optimistic trek homage to look like.

Now the writing is a bit all over the place. You can tell the writers are used to a half hour show, some of the jokes are dragged out just a bit too long and other scenes are also stretched out for filler. But most jokes land pretty well, if a bit low key, assuming you're into the Seth McFarland style humor. If you hate him, this probably won't change your mind.

I'm curious if the show develops its own voice, as it were. If it can manage to step above parody into it's own thing. Then we'd really have something.
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Only 6 months til season 2

Looks like season 2 warps in this December.

That is all.
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Never watched S1. Is it worth checking out?
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Yes very much ch worth watching.
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So happy to hear about season 2 !
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Originally Posted by matteekay View Post
Never watched S1. Is it worth checking out?
I expected it to be a hard spoof of Star Trek, in the vain of the Scary Movies. (Date movie, Epic movie, Disaster Movie, etc). Over the top, and ridiculous. Its Seth McFarlane who did that pretty funny spoof of Star Wars.

But it was more like a slightly funny ripoff of Star trek. It was more dramatic then comedy. Drama-edy?

So I was disappointed at first, but the quality of the show is outstanding. The budget was very high, with top notch actors, etc. I warmed up to it, and enjoyed it eventually.

If only you could combine the decent scripts of Dark Matter, with the good actors, and budget of Orville.

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I liked it, not as funny as I thought but better plot then I thought it would have.
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Liked the Rob Lowe episode. Overall though it's not my thing.

I much prefer something like Firefly if you are going to infuse humor into sci-fi.
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I am glad that it is coming back for another season, although I admit that I was surprised when I had seen that it had gotten the green light. The original promo material for season one, Fox really was trying to sell it as a comedy, and I am sure that people went into it expecting the pacing of something like Family Guy. The reality was that it was a homage to ST:TNG, more like a high-budget fan film series with humorous situations built-in. I found the pilot to be a little rough, but the story arc picks up from the second episode, onwards.

All considered, I actually enjoy it more than I expected that I would. Surprisingly, my wife really enjoys it, too. Enough so, that it has become a bridge to getting her to watch ST:TNG now, which she also enjoys.
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I loved the show, perfect balance of humor and story line not unlike the original Star Tek and Next Generation with just a little humorous element added. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the show and the acting.

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