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Originally Posted by magmoormaster View Post
I was fully expecting this to be a "whoever gets the most votes will get it" kind of thing. The shoutout meant a lot to me; then actually being made green? Thanks a freaking ton.

And you guys thought I was annoying now.........
Shut up probie

Oh wait, that's what we say to the new mods

Luv ya bro!
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Wait what does green mean!? Do I win a prizes?!

Originally Posted by Dougefreshe View Post
I have to vote Pittsburg stinkbugs.
Kinda like to see what his comments are like unfiltered.
If you knew what my thoughts were you'd probably hit me with a bat or run away screaming
Bigfoot is the one flying the UFOs, it's the little green men that are running around in the woods
But it gets much, much worse
Because when you tell one truth you must also tell two lies to go along with it, so that normies discredit you

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Oh you get a "prize" alright! And a turn in the barrel
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It seemed so simple
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Originally Posted by Gascolator View Post
DashHopes has a nelspot that has internals that were polished by Chuck Norris, using only his beard to polish them.
That nelspot never needs lube, shoots 2,000 ball per second, never needs reloaded, doesn't require an air source and when the paintball hits somebody the result is the same as if Chuck Norris round house kicked them.
He nick named the gun Reggie.
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So close, man. But I mean, that's what happens when you ghost us for 3 months
Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
Q: Is paintball a sport?
A: Society sucks

Join us next time for another episode of Existential MCB

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Anyone who has Mar staring at him over his right shoulder needs to be green. But seriously I've enjoyed his posts, he is another brass addict like the rest of us, and to top it off Walz likes him. Mar wave your magic wand (No not that one!) and turn him green. If need be I'll spring for it on Thursday.
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Me? What about Me? I like Me! I do awesome things for me all the time! Maybe my mom and I are the only ones :'(

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Am i at the 50? nope i just bunkered you. too slow
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