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Here is the latest archive. I was spelling the website wrong

Same company, but with less porn?

Most of the links are broken, as are most pictures. Probobly just as well, since many were NSFW. It is an amazing read though. All the claims.

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Al sounds a lot like Gary Busey.
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post deleting ghost attak
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who should I be using to post photos now?
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It seems like PB is now making it INTENTIONALLY difficult to download your content. Go and try using any browser (I have tried chrome/firefox and safari so far) and see if you can download an album without it telling you something went wrong.

I have over 450 images I want to download and that now means I have to do it individually (sigh).

EDIT: Just tried IE as well... same thing. F*** PB. I have had enough now.
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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
I can't recall who told the tale, I think an "old friend" piped up, or possibly his wife chimed in, I honestly can't recall. But the story was that Al was indeed a properly degreed engineer, for either Raytheon or McDonnell-Douglas, or some similar company. His name does indeed appear on at least one patent for... I think it was some sort of missile launch control.

Anyway, at some point he was apparently involved in a motorcycle crash, without a helmet, and the resulting injury caused permanent brain damage.

Supposedly if he stayed on his meds, he was more or less normal, but when he got normal, he'd decide he was fine, and didn't need his meds anymore.

And OFF his meds, he was, as I said, he was pretty much nuts.

However, I firmly believe he actually had more than a few good ideas. I have no doubt that he had some of what were at the time pretty innovative ideas about controllers and software for our E-guns, and probably had some good ideas about anti-chop eyes too.

But he no longer had the physical skill (I seem to recall they took away his driver's license due to the possibility of seizures or even blackouts) nor the temperment (patience, attention to detail, desire to see the project to completion, etc.) to do that actual physical work.

Wow, that is actually a very sad twist to this tale if it is true.
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It certainly would explain a lot
Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
Q: Is paintball a sport?
A: Society sucks

Join us next time for another episode of Existential MCB

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Slowly going back and updating my pictures, I think I have all the ones that matter updated. Mainly was worried about my pictures on warpig, the 98C and A5 guides still get plenty of hits. Bill wanted the site to stay up for its available information and the thousands of hits per day it still gets even though the forum is dead.

Not going to updated my sales threads, they are sold and gone. Not updating them may help with preventing necro posts
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i pulled almost all my images off PB and stored them on a folder on my laptop.
it took almost an hour to manually pull each image.

but imgur allowed me to drop all of them and just walk away for my laptop.
the bulk of my photos are now on imgur with no ill effects...
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I don't have any fan built pages, but my forum links of builds are ruined. I really feel for those pages that are not maintained anymore, or the original author has passed.
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