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Florida Hurricane Prep

Looks like at this point of time, FL has a 50% chance of landfall this weekend.

I have a feeling some of us fellow MCB members are new to Florida and it's constant threat of hurricanes or just have never been through a direct hit. So here are some lil tidbits of advice:

Don't get sucked into the water hysteria before it even hits. Yes you need water, but you also don't need to buy tons of it at the store. The water lines are 30 min long now and the shelves are barren, but you can prep water at home! Fill old milk jugs, Tupperware, pitchers and ziploc bags and put some of them in your freezer. Now you have ice and fresh water to drink! Fill your tub the night before and it should last you till things level out again. If you think you might get displaced due to flooding or excessive damage, make a boogie bag and fill it with non perishables, clothes and personal hygiene stuffs and fill your car with some of the water you already prepped.

Don't get sucked into the gas hysteria before it even hits. Yes you need gas to drive and run the generators, but we still have plenty of gas and no one is out of gas (that I know of). It is just getting purchased at an above average rate and is getting replenished pretty quickly.

Generators, chainsaws, coolers, propane and whatnot are not always needed. Yes they are great to have on hand, but don't worry if you can't get one. I know my local Lowes is sold out of generators but unless you have super sensitive medicines or perishables, you are not in trouble. Also you have all that ice I told you to put in your freezer remember? Chances are your neighbor or ten has a chainsaw or two so you should be set. Plus if you don't feel comfortable using one right now, you wont then either. Let someone who can do the job do the job. Propane and charcoal are handy but caned food is more efficient. If you have a fire pit, you can cook stuff so get creative. If you live in Florida and don't have a cooler, that is your own damn fault.

You don't need plywood from Lowes/home depot to cover your windows. If they are out, they are out but they aren't the only ones that sell plywood. I have seen plenty of smaller hardware stores, lumber stores and carpentry shops (cabinets, counters, ect) sell wood when the time comes. You can also use other things to cover em windows up if you are super worried about direct impact and blow ins. You can use your fence as an emergency if you are about to take a direct hit. I have seen people use cardboard that has been made somewhat water resistant with spray paint and even their own trucks parked in front of the garage or front windows.

Take your damn pets with you. They are your responsibility, find someone out of the way to care for them or take them with. Think ahead people!

If you don't know anyone locally, better make some friends! If your neighbors are in the same situation as you and you need something that only someone a couple counties over has, it wouldn't hurt to know that person. Sometimes it is just nice to be able to take a shower.

Hit me up if you want my number. Never hurts to have multiple contacts for odd occasions. Feel free to be all community like and share your contact with our fellow Floridians, just post below if you are willing to share.

I know you guys in the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic and surrounding Islands probably aren't on here but godspeed my friends. That cat 5 with Jose following up will not be good for anyone.

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I picked up a waterbob emergency water storage system awhile ago for part of my emergency prep. If I was in the path of Irma I'd be filling it up right now. It's just a big bag you plunk into the bathtub and then fill. has a pump built into the top for retrieval of water. holds 100gal max

good luck to you all in the path. I've got family in Haiti, but they are up in the hills above the artibonite valley so they should be okay
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I agree with Don.
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5 gallon buckets are great to have full for flushing toilets (assuming your sewer system is not flooded out) After the buckets are empty you can line them with kitchen trash bags and add lids for an emergency toilet. If things really go south they are also useful to try and carry out any small items that you want to try to save. With lids on them, documents and changes of clothes will stay dry.

The more stuff that is non-perishable you can keep in your fridge (like jugs of water) the longer it will stay cold if the power goes out.
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I must have missed that memo

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if you have any open jugs like hawaiian punch or any other large jugs like from Arizona or old gallons of milk keep then to fill up with water
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Fill bathtub before the storm and youll have enough h2o.

Im sitting back, chilling. No sense in worrying. It's going to do what its going to do.
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t's critical to turn your air conditioner off during a hurricane. If you leave ... Once the storm has moved on, you should turn your A/C back on as soon as possible

How to protect your air conditioner during a hurricane | Easy AC
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God bless and stay dry... ish
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Also save your markers.... duh.
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Originally Posted by iKNOWaFATman View Post
Also save your markers.... duh.
that's taking care of pops who can drive any more since he is my maker.
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Don't forget to secure your yard -stuff-. Those winds will be grabbing anything.

We got our power back last night. Our streets are starting to clear. We passed some of our national guard guys heading out. Our electrical crews will probably be heading toward Florida soon.
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