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Possible field

Is there anyone in the East Texas area ( Killgore, Tyler, Gladewater, Longview ext..) interested in seeing a field? I'm moving there and see there's nothing around and I am considering a field/proshop.
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No one in the area, or no interest in a field?
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I think your best bet would be to look on local Facebook groups there and gauge the interest. Best of luck to you in whatever you decide though!

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Truth be told, paintball players aren't the best determining factor over whether an area is good for a field. PBN has a great bunch of resources in their Field and Store section. I'd definitely recommend reading through over there if you are seriously considering a business within the industry. Anything from Larry Dague of Gatsplat is worth it's weight in gold, and then some.

Don't know the demographics for the area or the scope of what you'd be looking to build, but Longview doesn't look all too bad. Tyler isn't far off, for a larger metro center, and looks like it would be a better target area.

The region doesn't seem to hit quite the extremes other parts of Texas get, so it may not be too bad an area.

If you are dead set, I'd recommend a field over a pro shop. You are better providing a place to play and charging for consumables, rather than having to stock near every color of near every item. You are better off competing with Bowling and Laser Tag than going up against Amazon and ANSGear.
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Kilgore has a college, and it's between Louisiana and Dallas Texas which both have paintball fields. I'm setting a year date to gather information on all aspects
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