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Tips for hosting Imgur pictures

Howdy all! With the whole photobucket debacle, Imgur has become a great alternative to host pictures.

The main issue is the size of the picture that is being hosted, so here are some tips to get everything sized nicely.

My example picture is huge and will stretch the screen to unreasonable proportions. As much as I think my cat would love to cause you to download his picture in it's entirety, I am sure you wouldn't want to do that 5 to 20 times per page.

To host/display the image you will need the direct image link (simply add .jpg to the address above, you can find the address by right clicking the image you want and selecting "Copy image location").

Of course you will need to add the [ I M G ] [ / I M G ] brackets (without the spaces obviously) around the link to show a picture instead of a link.

Imgur offers various sizes with the following editing letters (must be in lowercase to work):
- Original
- Small Square - s
- Big Square - b
- Small Thumbnail - t
- Medium Thumbnail - m
- Large Thumbnail - l (that is a lower case "L")
- Huge Thumbnail - h

My favorite format is the "Large Thumbnail" size as it gives the proper detail you need to see what is in the picture while not being obnoxious.

Example of a Large Thumbnail:
[ I M G ][ /I M G ]

Note the location of the lowercase "L" as it must be between the original location name and the .jpg in order to adjust the size.
Without the added spaces in the IMG brackets, you get this size:

Other sizes for example:

Small Square
[ I M G ][ /I M G ]

Big Square
[ I M G ][ /I M G ]

Small Thumbnail
[ I M G ][ /I M G ]

Medium Thumbnail
[ I M G ][ /I M G ]

Huge Thumbnail
[ I M G ][ /I M G ]

Happy posting!

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This is super helpful. Big thank yous for posting this!
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A: Society sucks

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Slick way to alter the original size...thanks!
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I save pics to my computer, open in Paint and resize to 25%. Then simply use the paperclip icon (as a Greenie) to put pics into my posts. Am I missing something?
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Naw, you are just doing the non lazy way
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Thanks for the advice, I joined imgur and was able to do this with my first photo:

Feedback here on MCB:
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Awesome! That is one cool looking cat. I’m going to give this a shot. Thanks for the tutorial paintzapper
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Why am I having such a hard time with this?

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Originally Posted by a.greenleaf View Post
Why am I having such a hard time with this?
Because when you try to post pictures of your junk in varying size formats, it doesn’t change the size of YOUR junk, just the picture size
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