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When do you hang up your balls?

So I am 49, bad knee...and the other one going, gained huge weight, feel sick on the good days, do I declare I am done like a dinner cause I haven't played in 4 yrs and just sell off all my gear?
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We had a guy that I used to play with that if he did nothing but sit in back and call out where guys were it was game changing. His voice carried and he just had a knack for how to make moves. Could you fill that kind of role?
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40% buying
20% tinkering
15% drinking
10% cooking
5% gearing up
.9% walking
.1% pulling the trigger

You can play. Maybe not well. You'll fit in fine.
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the auto industry eats its young
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When do you hang up your pballs? When you get pmarried.
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Hey man.

If you choose bad health and knee and weight over paintball you're not necessarily choosing a good thing.

I get the knee thing, but make 'getting back in paintball form a thing (whether or not you play) and then make the decision.

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im up there too...and i hurt every game ....and im sore the next day
but i wouldn't trade it for anything!..
lets me know im still alive
....and far cheaper than hookers and drugs!
..well not by much!

best line from a movie..
are you hurt ...or are you injured?
if ur hurt....u can play....if ur injured you cant...
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I may not have the weight problem, but my left knee has never been the same after I slammed it into a hidden rock while sliding to a bunker back in `06.

If you want to keep playing, use your gear as motivation to get into a more playable condition. It won't be easy or fast but I'm more than certain it can be accomplished, even with a bad knee or two.
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Back in 07 I lost my left foot. One of the pushing factors in getting going again was to be able to get on the field and play again. I did so, tournament ball, within just around a year. Now, this wasn't because I was as good a player as I ever had been. More because of the love the team had for me.
I decided that tourney ball wasn't for me. I have had to adjust my playing style in a significant way since I can't get up and down well. I hurt all over. But, about two games in, I typically won't remember any of that until later in the day when I am "forced" to retire. I PLAN my next day to be bedridden. Just part of the deal.

Take a day and go play a friendly game somewhere. Don't make the decision without having played in the past 4 years. I think you will be amazed at how much fun you forgot you weren't having.
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Most traditional scenarios support low movement play, either at the base or in an outpost. You're even more helpful if you just check-in and check-out as you come and go. If you can stay on the field a while, many generals will use zone commanders to monitor traffic through the area. You can help support a spot closer to the staging area.

You can also setup on a low traffic trail and wait for an opposing mission to come through. That can be a longer walk though.
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When it's not fun and you can't make changes that make it fun for you.

And at that point you still hang out online and bull**** with all the friends you made while you played.
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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