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Girl clothing is made from tissues really. The majority aren't durable at all, price doesn't matter.

I have a few old "guy" t shirts,still kicking from ten years ago. Girl shirts? total joke, and need like 3 to not be see-through.

Buy what ya like, replace as needed :P
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Originally Posted by BoBo View Post
"Woolrich is proud to be the longest continuously running woolen mill in the USA."

That's a factor in the price.
Some years ago I was pressed (wife) into purchasing some Pendelton cotton shorts and shirts. I like their wool shirts, but the moths eat them faster than I can wear them down here. The cotton cloth itself was colorful and behaved well for wear and wrinkles. However, the stitching just fell apart on the shorts and button down shirt, while the polo shirt shrunk an entire size in the wash. That was the last time I accepted a "name brand" at face value.
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Originally Posted by Jahnman View Post
Edit: removed previous statement
Thanks, I'll put down the pitchfork now
Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
The admins here are generally chaotic-good
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quantity vs quality here is my view on it, i am a butcher for work so I am on my feet on a concrete floor all day. so having quality footwear is important. I have always purchased good shoes(spending $60 to $90 a pair) all my life, but they still only last me about 4 to 6 months a pair. 4 years ago I decided to switch to wearing work boots. The boots are a much more costly purchase initially (Thorogood boots costing about $200) but they have stayed comfortable for a year and a half,( changing insoles once in this time.) they held up pretty well but due to my neglect (not waxing and caring for the leather properly) I blew out the side of them. The second pair of boots i purchased were a pair of Irish Setters (about $150) They have lasted 2 years during this time i have had to resole them (costing $65). so far out of the 2 pair of boots i have had i have much preferred the Thorogoods. (i feel they would still be going strong, had i taken better care of them. ) also in the long run they probably were would have been the cheaper option.

So in short i do feel that buying the more expensive option is some of the time the best way to go.

also some manufacturers will have a good warranty and stand behind there product which is why the product cost more.
Originally Posted by Tanongi View Post We like to hunt dinosaurs on our spare time.
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