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i have no patience

with ****ing idiots

Some of you already know this. I absolutely ****ing hate having to give someone the same answer to a question I have already answered and is easy to find.

Shipping company asks me the weights and dimensions of equipment that has to ship and if it is " in gauge". I respond with a drawing and tell them that the weights and dimensions of everything shipping are in the drawing ( a pdf no less... with ****ing colors to identify everything and weights and dimensions and even the ****ing container outlined around it.) and that the shipping department could answer their other questions ( no idea what " in gauge" meant at the time)

I get back "What is the tallest item in the container?" and "is the load in gauge?"

response #1 "Are you ****ing kidding me???"... delete. delete. delete
Response #2 "Are you seriously asking me to open the file I JUST sent you and read it for you??" delete. delete.delete
Response #3 use let me google that for you on how to open a PDF and tell them to look for the biggest numbers. delete delete delete

I finally sent the tallest dimensions, googled WTF "in gauge" means and said yes and that BOTH of these questions could have been answered using the PDF sent and that I had included it AGAIN.

If i get a question that is answered by the drawing in the morning. they are getting all ****ing 3 of the previous responses at once.

****ing idiots.
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I’m confused.... was it in gauge or not?
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What's the answer to the question? Am I missing something?
I choose Response #2 ?
I'm confused, do I win something if I guess right?

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Suck it up Buttercup and deal with corporate dummy America. Answer the ****ing question again like a good little slave.

edit- you just described my entire day, every day

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Excuse my schadenfreude, but I'm totally waiting for the follow up post from when the shipment actually arrives there, and the receiving dept has ALL.THE.SAME.QUESTIONS.

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I need this!
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Originally Posted by pearcem View Post
Iím confused.... was it in gauge or not?
Don't poke the bear.

I just pressed send on a similar email. They were asking for dimensions that no reasonable builder would make use of prior to doing the actual installation. I just know they're going to try to set concrete anchors ahead of time, **** it up, and inevitably blame me. It's like clockwork...
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Originally Posted by Rusty Brass View Post
**** it up, and inevitably blame me. It's like clockwork...
This nails it, exactly
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But they wouldn't have to waste a bunch of time reading if you explidated the gauge for the turboencabulator the first time. An experienced machinist should know how to embiggen oneself with perfectly cromulent AFEs (acronyms for everything) and agile burn down sprints.

So help us if the work is OFF gauge, Dukie. I'd have to write another email!

PS. Please format all further attachments as .QWLs. I'm still in trouble with IT from the last ransomware I downloaded.
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I have had similar problems, I usually just resend the attachment again and say “see attached file.”
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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
Q: Is paintball a sport?
A: Society sucks

Join us next time for another episode of Existential MCB

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