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Kylo/Rey team up scene has been posted on reddit. Still one of the most awesome moments in any SW movie for me:
Originally Posted by Nyxd View Post
...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

Feedback thread:
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Originally Posted by Manning View Post
Kylo/Rey team up scene has been posted on reddit. Still one of the most awesome moments in any SW movie for me:
It was certainly pretty to watch, but I couldn't get into it like any of the lightsaber fights in the original movies because there's no emotional weight to it. The big baddie has already died before the melee breaks out and there's no real threat- it's not like they're going to let Rey or Adam Driver get killed by one of the jobbers.
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Star wars AND ****!!!Walking Dead spoilers!!!****

You've been warned.

No question, the Rey/Ren scene was the best part. In fact, Ren's rant about how the old bad/good dichotomy needing to end got me excited. There was an opportunity there for a fresh plot to take off where a "dark" and "light" Jedi DO join forces to fight against the opposing extremist (Jedi/Sith) to ACTUALLY bring balance to the force... since they pointed out neither extreme can exist without the other. Ergo, neutrality is the only true way to bring about balance and peace, for this poor poor galaxy far far away.

Oh, but that didn't happen. Then I got sad.

As with Waking dead, I hope the bad guys win and all of the original cast members die so it's interesting to watch again... but I heavily doubt either series has the balls to do it.

Also for the Jar Jar haters that haven't seen this, you need to watch it. Then perhaps you'll be able to hate a lack of bravery in the Lucas writing department, instead of what was the perfect setup of the most annoying character in Star Wars history.

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Originally Posted by YBBPI View Post
Some real fans told me that in the original trilogy anything with a decent amount of mass/gravity would pull you out of hyperspace.
So they needed to construct hyperspeed highways and use navicomputers to avoid pitstops and pancaking..
That is how it used to work, yes. My favorite variation of star destroyer is the interdictor cruiser, that had a gravity well that prevented you from jumping, or tore you out of a jump. I played a lot of X-Wing, then Tie Fighter, then X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter and you had to worry about taking out Interdictors before you could have your ships jump.

Originally Posted by JKR View Post

So Snoke is dead and we learn NOTHING about the character? Who's idea was that? So much potential story wasted.
I still really don't know who Snoke is except for a McGuffin. What was he? Who was he?
Originally Posted by JKR View Post
Bombs in space? Sorry no gravity, bub.
Sure there is. You have gravity. A star destroyer has gravity (and produces additional artificial gravity for people to walk around). But I didn't like it much either. I was talking with my brother, and we agreed that a few Y-Wings and B-Wings would have been a much better choice for a bombing run than what ever those WW2 bombers were.

During the FTL quietness, though it was interesting the whole theater was silent. Then, some guy way in the back starts laughing loudly. Kind of ruined it a little, but it was funny. I think it might work, but the cost of capital ships is immense, and I don't think small fighters would have the mass to do damage to a capital ship. Unless you are a kamikaze A-Wing pilot going for the command bridge of the Executioner super star destroyer. Then it could work.

I hated the Leia space walk scene. Hated it. Hate. Hate. If she didn't fly out there, or did something faster and closer to a door, maybe. I literally covered my face in shame during that scene.

Also didn't like they killed Akbar that way, and so unceremoniously.

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My perspective: Grew up with the movies to date, never took in any of the expanded universe stuff (to include games, TV, or the Holiday Special).

I finally saw it last weekend in IMAX 3D

I like how this movie effectively resets the entire universe which means the story could go in many different directions from this point. At times, I really felt like "where is this story going?" and I particularly had the realization of how Finn and Rose's mission was a complete failure and yet there were no plotline ramification for this failure. Everything worked out in the end and they not only avoid execution but are able to get back to the rebels.

Also, the whole meeting of DJ- who just happens to be a counter-security/codebreaker in jail (and not escaping) when the rebels who need just that kind of individual just happens to be in the same holding area...

I also felt like Poe's character had morphed into this guy who just wanted to blow **** up and, that he had no concern for the loss of the pilots and crews he was apparently responsible for (it was described as being 'his mission'). It was like they forced him to be an idiot just so he could bump heads with Holdo for her to come out on top.

The whole hyperjump scene made me think of it as the acceleration into hyperspace that made it deadly (that moment in time/space when the jumping vehicle appears as a streak to observers). However, the whole pattern of fragmentation that just happened to wipe out the other ships was a bit off. Also, how nobody in rebellion thought "we could use that last ship as a physical barrier to cover our escape" before Holdo realized that she could use it as a battering ram.

Overall, I liked the movie and it was a spectacle. I will own it and watch it again in the future for sure.
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Originally Posted by Tom Kaye -in response to FS price critics
Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
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So, here's my revisited opinion on this flick, summed up in 4 words: Such a wasted opportunity.

As a stand-alone flick, TLJ isn't bad. BUT it's meant to be the middle part of a trilogy. The movie that should have the most meat to it, that starts to answer some of the things that were brought up in the previous flick, and to point to interesting possibilities on how the trilogy might end.

Nope. Big fail. It was as though Rian Johnson flipped the bird at the first movie and decided to do something else. Sorry, Ry-ry, that's not your job. Know your role...

For starters, I honestly felt the movie was way to jokey. I laughed, but most of the jokes kinda broke up the tension (what jokes do) and I didn't want that. I don't expect SW to be super serious (like the prequels), but it should take itself seriously enough, y'know?

The Canto Bight plot was dumb and contributed exactly zero to the overall story. Waste of time and should've been cut.

Captain Phasma - useless again. I really wish they would've played up the animosity between her and Finn just to give each character something to do in this flick (even if it ended in Episode 9). I would've loved to see Finn bailing on a shuttle, having some sort of Imperial implant activate and have Phasma, bristling, go on a hunt for the one trooper that pissed her off. Finn was pointless in this flick; let him go off to do something else.

I don't really care about Snoke. We don't need to know that much about his back story but he was ultimately useless. All he did was screw with Kylo's head so that now, he's even more confused if he should be a good guy or bad guy.

Rey - I can appreciate that maybe she was a "natural" with the force, but it would've really made it better if she wasn't that good, y'know? At the end, where she just whooshes those boulders up... so dumb. Make her work for it, make her struggle to get them up. She only had 3 lessons over maybe a few days. Even naturals aren't perfect from the get-go.

Space Leia was so bad. We all know she has some force power but she'd never really demonstrated it. It would have been much more believable if the bridge had blown, she'd grabbed onto a railing (or something), slipped but then used her force to keep her just out of reach but not let her get sucked out.

While some feel this is a great "reset" of SW, I totally disagree. This is the worst place to do this sort of thing. I pity the writers of the next film as they've been left with nothing but about a dozen Resistance people on 1 ship, a "jedi" with no lightsaber, a super-confused bad guy, and a bunch of other characters with nothing to do. If they're smart, they'll set the next one a year or two after so that they can actually give themselves a chance to have some character development. The only character who had a meaningful character arc was Kylo, and his was a tiny arc. Rey is basically the same, just with force power. Finn and Poe are exactly the same.

For a movie that should've moved the story along significantly over more than 2.5 hours, it only moved it along by 1 RCH.


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A friend of mine who is a huge fan (read it all, had the original movie storm trooper gear etc) summed it up.

If you are a fan of the series, this movie wasn’t made for you.

That said, he did like it but it wasn’t written to appeal to the SW fans which is why I think it gets the hate it does. I describe myself as a casual fan. ESB was the first movie I saw in theaters as a kid and Luke was my first hero and my first job I wanted to have was “X-wing pilot”. That said, I haven’t read any EU stuff though have watched Clone Wars with my kids. I enjoyed it for what it was but all the points above here are completely valid and on point. When watching the movie I loved every part except the space Leila thing. That was dumb and I told my wife it was dumb while we were watching it. The rest was fine and Canto Bight was a waste of time but I didn’t know it till after the movie.

Rain Johnson did do one thing - he held to his apparent theme of “Let the past die”. The writers for the next film certainly have a large challenge.
Originally Posted by Nyxd View Post
...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

Feedback thread:
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