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Thank you for the help yesterday MCB'ers

Yesterday I sent out a little over 80 p.m.'s asking for some help for a friend, by way of sending a text to remind him that he matters.

I was genuinely worried. MCB came through and I believe reminded him that he isn't alone.

I can't tell you how much this meant to me. Here is a screen cap from an exchange we had afterwards.

Thanks guys

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I'm glad to see the community pull together on something that really matters. And humbled to be a part of it.
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The way I see it, MCB is like one big (albeit often dysfunctional) family. Family sticks together -- no matter what. I'm happy to hear he's doing better.
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This is so great to hear
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Great news indeed! So glad to hear about your efforts in helping out, and especially glad in hearing that they were well received!

If there is ever anything I can do to help you or anyone else out here on these forums, please feel free to reach out.

Life is precious, so never believe that you don't have a place in this world or in someone's life!
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Welcome back buddy! And GanonsGrin is your brother? He is the devil
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I wasn't a part but it always warms my heart to see what this place can do.
I'm proud to be a member and I'm happy everything worked out.
My best goes out, too.
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you are a good man, Mar
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I agree with Don.
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don is on the path to everlasting coolness
Originally Posted by DashHopes
OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
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Mar, for some strange reason I did NOT receive the PM until around 1 am EST... Obviously I decided *NOT* to text someone at that early hour.

Thank you for doing this. Sometimes all it takes to avoid tragedy is one person, even a stranger, reaching out to you. Been on both sides of that situation. Lost friends to simple lack of communications, both on their part and others. This particular thing hits way too close to home for me.


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You know, I think that's great.

I am going to interrupt all those warm fuzzies to sour grape just a bit. When I went through a damned rough patch a few years back, posting things that in retrospect I probably should not have here...using the forum like a psychiatrist, there were several members and a couple of mods that didn't miss the opportunity to kick me right in the nuts and say some pretty ****ty things to/at me. I think it turned out to be a good thing as I am much more careful about what I post here now, I know to hold this place at arms length.

In spite of that, there were still a few people who offered terrific support and had nice things to say. It's good to know that when you have a friend a reach out like this is possible through this group. I hope you (all) helped this individual through the rough patch. The holidays can be a bear for many.
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Anything I can ever do, I will... Always happy to help. One big family here. People do care. Look no further than the response here... or the give-a-ways we do... The secret santa that's run here.

There's a lot of good people on this site - even if we don't get to see each other often or some at all. But good people none-the-less. Glad to know all of you.
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