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youtube needs...

a IDGAF button beside every item in trending. Just to make **** go away because it is entirely irrelevant to me ( or you). That might at least move something new up the list.

Bruno mars IDGAF
Jake paul IDGAF
people reacting to what ever the **** they are reacting to IRDGAF
logan paul IDGAF
Hillary Clinton IDGAF
Grammy moments IDGAF
A whole bunch of stuff in chinese IDGAF
Pewdipie IDGAF
Markiplier IDGAF
Superbowl / superbowl but in french IDGAF
News (WTF???) IDGAF I will get it from an actual news agency, not some ******* on youtube.

I used to be able to open the youtube home page and at least see one thing that was somewhat interesting and relevant. Now I see nothing but crap 100% of the time. I could spend hours watching from one link to the next. Now I rarely even click one link unless its in my subscriptions.
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Most of those names don't even mean anything to me. Musicians I'm guessing? Anymore I only go to YouTube if I have a specific search in mind. Same goes for almost anything online except a couple forums, like this one.
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I would use an IDGAF button
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Originally Posted by somethingbenign View Post
Most of those names don't even mean anything to me.
Same here.

Jake Paul - No clue
Logan Paul - I think this is that dude who went to the suicide forest in Japan and shot some video with some corpses.
Pewdipie - I think this is some Scandinavian dude who plays video games. Seem to recall he was in some hot water recently for something racist or something like that.
Markiplier - No clue
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Actually, it does have that.

You can ex out every single video in your recommended list, and whole suggested categories as well. Large exes to the right of every category, and if you click the small 3 dots to the right of every video title in the recommended list (mouse needs to be close to title) and you can tell it that you're not interested.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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I have a song for you:
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If you login to YouTube it is usually pretty good about picking things that are similar to what you’ve watched or people you subscribe to.

Although today it was recommending some random dance series for me when I first opened it up. I think it is some new series that they just put out. It was quickly replaced by chainsaws, guns, cars and woodworking videos.

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It annoys me that YT keeps suggesting videos in languages I don't speak even though I have stated in the preferences that I only want English.

It also annoys me that when I tell them I don't like a video maker they keep suggesting that maker.
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I know they have one on the desktop site but not sure about mobile versions. I click the 3 vertical dots below and to the right of the video picture and select "not interested." I have added plenty of those stupid "react" videos to my list.
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