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Avengers: Infinity War Discussion **Spoilers**

Now that the movie is out, I'm sure many of us need a place to talk about it and get over a few things in the process.

If you've wandered in here and you haven't seen the movie yet, here's your last chance to avoid spoilers. You have been warned.








Okay, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, Holy $#!* was that a great movie! I went into it with my own expectations of who would live and who would die. I have to say that I got a few of them right but the movie really surprised me with the others. I know that this movie is supposed to be the darker "Empire Strikes Back" middle chapter of the Avengers movies. I also suspect that many of the "dead" characters will be back after the next Avengers movie. But when the end came, I was on the edge of my seat crying out in surprise each time another Avenger was turned to ash. I'll be really interested to see how they bring back the people we lost in this movie. What do you guys think? How will they be brought back? Will they be brought back? Will Thanos eventually become the anti-hero he was in the comics? Did anyone else catch the Captain Marvel teaser after the credits? Discuss.
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I was suprised no one cried out loud or did the Wakanda salute thingy, but everyone clapped and cheered when Thor came back to Earth.

I would've creamed my pants if they used material from this Anime clip, especially giving Spidey the bike guy's part.

I was confused why Spidey had a lot of extra time to react to his dying, but that might be explained away by spidey-sense.

Child Gamorah in the Water Temple might be Death in disguise.

I think it's been mostly spread around that the Avengers will sacrifice themselves permanently(retiring from Marvel) to ressurect everyone.

I feel the Wakanda, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, War Machine and Falcon parts were the weakest and they shouldn't have wasted so much budget on trying to get them to do something "epic".
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Loved it. A couple of deaths were hard to watch, even though we know the characters will be back. Looking at you, Spiderman. There was a dad who ran out of the theater with his little kids, who were bawling their eyes out, when that happened. Also audible gasps when Black Panther and Star Lord died.
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I don't think Lady Death is going to feature in the films at all. The Russo's basically replaced Thano's love for her with his affection for his daughter, Gamora. IMO that was a TERRIFIC decision, because even in the original story the concept of him loving the emobdiment of Death is a bit too far out there. Plus it's a whole concept they'd have to introduce in addition to Thano's backstory.

Tom Holland killed that death scene, he really is the best Spiderman put on film.

Marvel's been killing it with these scenes that feel ripped straight out of a comic book too.

We've gotten a couple scenes like that in the past (usually the climax of the Avengers films) but the battle on Titan and Wakanda felt like something that could have been shot for shot from a spread of Avengers. Similarly this scene:

from Thor felt the same way. I also desperatly want Mondo to release a poster of this haha

Can we also talk about Huge Weaving apparently hating Red Skull SO much he didn't even return for this 5 minute cameo?

Also I really wanted Thanos to reference this scene with the Collector haha.

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The scope of the losses we saw are telling me that there's no way they're permanent - especially considering that some of them still have movies of their own slated to come out. I suspect that the solution to this problem lies within the soul stone itself. I also have a suspicion that Ant-Man may play a part in the next movie to undo the damage done by entering the quantum realm inside the stone and somehow reverse its effects.
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I've seen 14+ million scenarios...
How many do we win

At the before he vaporizes...strange looks at stark and says:
....It was the only way...

So I believe the one way...had to have happen what did.. especially now opening the door to captain marvel (fury "pages" her at the post creds) to enter the screen world..

Amazing movie..didn't even finish my popcorn! Too awe struck to eat!
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Honestly, Thanos is the only thing that kept me interested. I know people have mentioned all the other MCU movies do the character building for all the main heroes and it really does show.

I mean, why would I be invested in characters that I know will come back/revived in the next movie?

Having Thanos not just be this genocidal monster but also to show empathy and offer sacrifice for his goals was stood out from the standard BBEG of most of these movies.
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This was really a Thanos movie with The Avengers as supporting characters. Each hero has already had their own movies to flesh them out. I think that focusing on Thanos was the smart move or else the movie would have been too unfocused. Instead, we really got to know Thanos. We know why he's doing what he's doing and what kind of person he really is. Otherwise, he'd be just another generic bad guy for The Avengers to fight.
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The character arc for Thanos was also the most surprising/satisfying part for me. That and Peter Dinklage. When he appeared on screen, my wife and I started giggling and couldn't stop for about two minutes. It's such a stupid gimmick, making a dwarf super huge, but somehow it worked so well.
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So impressed with everything about this movie,I really cant find any flaws
Figured it's be an impossible task to use so many characters together in one film but I think it was pulled off
For once a movie that wasn't overhyped and didn't deliver,thanks Marvel for not slaughtering one if my favorite childhood memories
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