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Tales From The Far Side

I am so sheltered. I only found this today.

This was run on Halloween 1994 on CBS. Apparently the Brits got to see part II in 97.

Interestingly, the creators of both The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes retired at the height of popularity. Neither authorized much in the way of merchandise. (Nerdchandise?)
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Tag for later review. I, too, had no idea this existed.

The Far Side would have been more difficult to merchandise, since there werent any regular characters or storylines. I guess the cows were kinda recognizable. I do remember calendars and mugs and such with full cartoons printed on them.

Bill Watterson was actively opposed to any kind of merchandising or franchising. He viewed his work as an art form and felt that merchandising cheapened it. He went through a long fight with his syndicate over it, to renegotiate a contract he felt pushed into just to get a chance when he was an unknown. There's some detail in the 10th Anniversary book; Watterson writes that by the terms of the original contract, Universal could have actually hired someone else to write Calvin & Hobbes had Bill Watterson walked away

I tend to agree. I would hate to see Calvin & Hobbes made into a movie, and replace the voices I hear in my head, or have Hobbes' true nature decided by some screenwriter
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I had a lot of Farside calendars/collected books. The Jane Goodall one used to kill me. That, and the 'Blob Family at home' comic. Man had a special sense of humor.

In the words of Gary Larson himself 'Saved by a jellyfish to the head'.
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Brilliant. Never knew it existed. Made my day.
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Awesome! Thanks for that
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Tales From The Far Side II

Now and again YouTube recommendations are spot on. This showed up last night:

This fix may have to do you for a while. I have not found mention of a part III.

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Originally Posted by Un2xs View Post
This fix may have to do you for a while. I have not found mention of a part III.
Sadly, there wasn't one. If I remember correctly, CBS had thought about bringing it on as a series, but the special did not go over well. There is a restored/director's cut DVD out from the BBC a few years back, but it is near impossible to find for less than $100 to $200. They pop up on eBay from time to time, but mostly in bid format - and there are apparently always others watching for it, too.
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