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the oddballer
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Best of luck man. You definetly have the right attitude. It will take a lot out of you. But good friends and family make it a whole lot better.
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The Colonel Himself
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Best of luck with the whole procedure man, I really hope that it ends up being the best of outcomes for you. We'll all be here waving our invisible MCB support signs, with someone conveniently blocking Mar's genitals from view since he thought "invisible support sign" was the dress code.
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The old man is on peritoneal dialysis and is doing great with it, other than the mountain of stuff you've got to keep at the house it is nice to not have to go to the clinic.
Speaking as someone who almost died due to faulty organs, it will be ok. You'll get through this as long as you do your labs, go the the doctor, and take care of yourself. The hardest thing to fight off is the depression and hopelessness.
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could use a little doe...
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Best of luck. I hope everything goes well and you will be happy and healthy in no time!

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no ones gonna want to fight something dressed as a giant deer
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My good friend has been on dialysis for years. He has had issues that have prevented him from getting a new kidney a couple times

He is the toughest sob I know. It is incredible what you can accomplish and endure if you set your mind to it. Stay positive brother, even when it is hard!
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Wookie D*cks
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Sorry to hear. You got this.
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well if you need any advice hit me up...its what I do..
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Originally Posted by Third of Five View Post
We only want good things for you and you should know that your fears are ours, your pain is also ours. We signed on for good and bad, so reach out if or when you need us...
Until you are healthy at least. Then we are going to laugh at you after shooting you in the face.

No getting around it. This is a hard time for you. Here is hoping it's a short time before things start getting better.
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Keep fighting and listen to the doctors, ask all the questions you can think of. They can be *** wipes, but they have the info. We are all praying, sending good mojo and happy thoughts your way. (well, most of us anyways, and F the rest of them). Keep talking, we will listen.
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Beaming some good vibes your way, duder. Do your best to keep your mindset positive and surround yourself with supportive people in your life. Times will be tough, but I like to see these things as personal challenges to beat. Keep on, keepin' on and you'll be ok.

Andry : )

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